Christmas Puzzle Solution


Laney read 13 books and prefers shouting.
Spencer read 160 books and prefers learning.
Laura read 23 books and prefers creating.
Tom read 3 books and prefers daydreaming.

It’s true: all of the Bays love learning, creating, daydreaming and shouting (for joy)! And we all enjoy reading (books, ebooks, audiobooks). Other studies took up most of Tom’s reading time this year, but Spencer and Laura stormed the library on a regular basis and were able to consume a lot of literature. Laney is beginning to enjoy being read to, which is lots of fun.

The one book that we all managed to read this year was the Book of Mormon. Its teachings and accounts of Jesus Christ helped us keep Him in our thoughts. We’re especially grateful for Him and His example this holiday season. Merry Christmas!