Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas!


With a new addition to the family, this year was a blur! Tom, Laura, Spencer, and Laney can’t quite remember what they did. Can you help them figure out their favorite way to pass the time and how many books each one read?


  1. Between Tom and the person who read 23 books, one prefers creating and the other prefers daydreaming.
  2. Laney read 10 less books than Laura.
  3. The person who prefers learning is either Laura or Spencer.
  4. The person who read 3 books prefers daydreaming.
This grid is useful for identifying what you have learned from each clue. Each small square of the grid represents an intersection of information. Cross (draw an ‘x’) out each possibility as each is proven to be false. When you find a true match, you can draw a dot in the appropriate square.

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