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Balloon Doorway

 I came up with this one all by myself! Okay, it was a little bit from Pinterest, but I adapted it a lot. ( I just stole a stick from the garage, blew up the balloons, wrote nice notes on them, and cut different lengths of ribbon. I tied the ribbon to the stick and then the balloons. It is all light enough that it stuck to the frame with packing tape. Happy Valentine’s Day, Tom!

2013-02-13 16.02.03_small

2013-02-13 16.01.43_small

 Spencer, Tom, and I ran through the balloons so many times that they did eventually fall down. It was an easy and fun project, though!

2013-02-14 15.30.06_small

Pillow Beds

2012-11-06 20.01.09

For Christmas, the Bays make homemade gifts for one person in the family. I chose Brynn’s name and Spencer chose Claire’s name. So I decided to make them both pillow beds! I used this tutorial:

2012-11-07 12.47.11

I think they turned out great! I was excited.

2012-11-07 14.53.41

The boys tested them out.

2012-11-07 20.04.36

Maybe someday I’ll make Spencer one.