About the Bays

Hi, there! We’re the Bays!

Our little family of [now] four was established back in 2011. Laura and I were married in the Louisville, Kentucky LDS Temple and then spent our first year living in Mesa, Arizona. My work, DrivingSales, was opening a headquarters in the Salt Lake Valley, so we moved to Riverton, Utah in 2012. A few months later, our son, Spencer, was born. We bought a house in the same neighborhood we’d been living in and moved in 2013. Our daughter, Laney, was born in May, 2014.


Our 7-month-old Laney loves to smile and shout! Her bright blue eyes and hugh toothless grin attract people to her everywhere she goes. She can roll over, sit up by herself, and she loves to sing [shout] along with anyone else that happens to be singing.

Two-year-old Spencer knows his numbers to 10, letters, letter sounds, shapes, colors, and has an extensive vocabulary. He makes us laugh every day with the things he says. Ex: “Don’t worry mom, I’m just writing a note on the house.” He excels at using his imagination—he loves to cook, drive his cars/trucks, build, play with stuffed animals and spends most of his time pretending to be something. His top transformations include:

  • a cat
  • a dog
  • a creepy tiger
  • a fire engine
  • a frog
  • a dinosaur
  • a rabbit
  • ‘just a boy’

Laura is an amazing woman who spends most of her time chasing/hauling our kids around and taking care of our home. She’s in the primary presidency in our LDS ward and stays very busy working on projects and finding fun things to do with Spencer and Laney. She loves to read and catch up on old Gilmore Girls episodes in her free time.

I, Tom(my), am still working at DrivingSales doing front-end web development, web design, graphic design and marketing. I’m working on taking off some of those extra hats and focusing on development. I’m keeping our Bishop’s schedule full as his executive secretary and love to do puzzles in my free time.