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December 22-28, 2013

2013-12-22 16.29.26-1small

My handsome Christmas men.

2013-12-23 09.52.01small

I finished the new stockings for me, Chris, and Anna.

2013-12-22 16.50.56small

Family photo on Christmas Sunday. I am in love with Spencer’s smile.

2013-12-22 16.30.26small

Another family picture.

2013-12-24 10.34.45small

Spence helped me make the dessert for Christmas Eve. He was a fan.

2013-12-25 19.35.04small

Playing in bed with dad and the blankets.

2013-12-26 18.32.23 2small

We went to Temple Square with Jon and Anna’s family. Spencer had a great time with the boys. We went up in the Joseph Smith Building to get a higher view of the lights.

2013-12-26 18.31.55small

The are the cutest little cuties.

2013-12-26 18.15.55small


2013-12-26 18.10.13small

SLC Temple.

2013-12-26 18.07.25small

Handsome men.

2013-12-26 10.42.20small

Learning 100 words.

2013-12-25 20.03.12small

He’s always got work to do.

2013-12-28 19.13.59-1small

We went to Amanda Bay’s wedding reception. She married Garrett Pond.

2013-12-28 10.46.07small

Post-Christmas fun with toys.

2013-12-28 10.30.27-2small

Tom helped me build these awesome bookshelves for Spencer. He loves his books.

2013-12-27 11.33.08small

Before we got them on the wall, Spencer pulled all of the books out of the shelves and “read” them.

Christmas Eve and Christmas 2013

2013-12-24 17.12.18small

Opening homemade gifts with the Bay’s on Christmas Eve.

2013-12-24 17.28.27small

Spencer got hand-painted trains from Torbin. He loves them! He drives them around and says, “coo-coo.”

2013-12-24 17.26.50small

Panda kisses for Papa.

2013-12-24 17.14.51small

Opening up Spencer’s homemade. The Beckstrands were on Skype.

2013-12-24 17.35.05small

John and Lucy were with us, too. Lucy made John some coupons.

2013-12-24 18.32.45small

Dad got a new office chair from the kids (minus us).

2013-12-24 17.55.41small

Tom got an awesome “What does the fox say?” shirt from Brynn.

2013-12-24 17.52.17small

 Brittany turned into a cobbler and made me these amazing red moccasins!

2013-12-24 19.17.35small

She did it all by hand!! Britt is amazing. For reals.

2013-12-24 20.24.16small

Dad made Torbin this awesome rocking boat. Everyone loved it!!

2013-12-24 21.40.01small

The Christmas morning set-up. Spencer immediately ran to his new bus/car as soon as he saw it.

2013-12-24 21.03.16small

Tom moved our Christmas tree downstairs for the Christmas morning festivities. He looked like the Grinch.

2013-12-24 21.41.34small

Christmas morning set-up for me, Tom, and baby girl (and a few more for Spencer).

2013-12-25 07.54.38small

Good morning, Angel! Merry Christmas! We woke up when Spencer started calling; drank eggnog, said prayers, and went to see our presents!

2013-12-25 08.12.15small

Spencer kept taking John and Lucy’s camera and saying, “chee” as he pretended to take pictures. It was adorable. We loved having J+L with us for Christmas.

2013-12-25 08.11.59small

They got sweet new robes and pj’s.

2013-12-25 08.28.08small

He got new building blocks.

2013-12-25 10.06.19small

And some ABC blocks from cousin Grant. He immediately found the panda block.

2013-12-25 09.39.51small

Emily gave me this awesome KY shirt! I love it!

2013-12-25 09.38.28small

We had to convince Spencer a few times that he wanted to open more presents. He was a little overwhelmed by everything.

2013-12-25 11.18.07small

Our healthy Christmas lunch, in honor of dad Krebs. 🙂

2013-12-25 10.57.12small

We attempted to play in the snow, but it was WAY too cold and the snow was all frozen. We lasted maybe 10 minutes.

2013-12-25 10.21.15small

 Christmas carnage. We are so blessed. It was a wonderful Christmas.

2013-12-25 11.46.39small

My handsome little elf. He had so much fun playing with all of his new toys.

2013-12-25 12.03.57small

And then we took naps. 🙂

2013-12-25 11.52.51small

Spencer with his panda family.

2013-12-25 11.48.46small

Merry Christmas!!

2013-12-25 13.42.30small

 Playing our new game.

2013-12-25 13.41.09small

 Tom beat me big time. He’s really good at strategy games like this.

December 15-21, 2013

2013-12-15 13.38.55-1small

My sweet angel, sleeping through sacrament meeting.

2013-12-15 22.02.28small

Fake anniversary cake on the 15th. Yum.

2013-12-16 12.41.26small

The very first purchase made for our sweet little girl.

2013-12-16 12.00.45-1small

Spencer was very excited to get the Kearl’s Christmas card.

2013-12-16 15.57.57small

DrivingSales had a big gift giveaway/competition. Tom came home with some awesome loot.

2013-12-16 14.19.01small

Our neighbor gifts. “Bringing you our warmest wishes, and a holiday season with fewer dishes.”

2013-12-16 18.55.57small

I just had to document his adorable little profile.

2013-12-17 21.11.28small

DrivingSales had a pinewood derby competition as part of the Christmas party. We lost. Big time. But our car was adorable. 😉

2013-12-17 19.35.32small

Fun with the DS family.

2013-12-16 19.08.06small

Tom and his co-workers played a rousing game of bowling.

2013-12-18 16.58.16small

Spencer was very helpful with my sewing project.

2013-12-19 16.37.11small

Loads of snow. Our backyard was a winter wonderland.

2013-12-19 15.22.36small

Spence was pretty enthralled.

2013-12-18 17.21.09-2small

I was cooking dinner, and expected to see Spencer doing crazy things (as usual). Instead, he was sitting quietly on the couch, reading to himself. I love this boy.

2013-12-19 16.42.17small


2013-12-20 12.25.00small

Cozy with his pandas. He loves his bed more than any place in the house.

2013-12-20 09.15.58small

He’s great at blowing his nose. It’s too cute.

2013-12-19 17.47.09small

Dad was out one night, so we had waffles with sprinkles for dinner. YUM.

2013-12-20 12.47.52small

Dad Bay requested that I make stockings for me, Anna, and Chris to complete their collection on the mantle. It was quite a feat, but they turned out pretty cute.

2013-12-21 08.43.19small

Tom re-engineered a sippy so that Spencer could more easily drink some Ovaltine smoothie. He’s a lucky boy.

2013-12-20 19.55.49small

He was also very helpful with the sewing machine. (Not)

2013-12-20 19.55.45small

Sewing the tops of the stockings.

2013-12-21 09.58.35small

A cozy reading spot.

2013-12-21 12.28.57small

Matt and Corinda brought the kids by to play for a few hours. They were in town (Logan) for Christmas. It was fun to see them, and to let Spencer play with his cute cousins.

2013-12-21 15.47.18small

Aliya loves Spence.

2013-12-21 12.29.44small

Play time!

2013-12-21 15.47.23small

Hugs and kisses.

2013-12-21 16.04.50small

We attempted a group picture. They sure are cuties.

December 8-14, 2013

2013-12-08 15.59.51small

Our good little overachiever. 🙂

2013-12-10 17.41.09-2small

Spence still loves watching the videos I made of his first year. He is darling.

2013-12-10 09.20.24small

He also loves his bed. Probably more than anywhere in the house. He frequently asks to get back in bed during the day. Mostly, it’s because he wants his paci.

2013-12-09 17.52.43-1small

Tom taught Spencer how to pick the gunk out of his toes. It’s pretty funny – until he tries to eat it.

2013-12-10 19.33.24small

Selfie with dad.

2013-12-11 11.44.36small

I took Spencer to a Natural History Museum. It was pretty lame, but also relatively baby proof – so he could wander and explore to his hearts content. We were the only ones there.

2013-12-11 11.20.10small

He loved the bird room. He kept wandering back there to hear the bird sounds on the computer.

2013-12-11 10.07.05small

He’s gotten really good at folding his arms. He’ll fold his arms at the beginning of the prayer, and then when we say amen, he throws his hands up and says, “meh-meh.” He also signs, “love” this way.

2013-12-11 17.57.20small

As soon as I wrapped the presents, Spence stole some to put under his little tree. It was adorable. He only tried to unwrap presents one day, and luckily didn’t try again.

2013-12-13 21.00.03small

Fun times with my handsome man.

2013-12-13 12.08.20small

We got back from the library, and he sat down to look through his new books. I love that he’s starting to love books and want me to read to him a little. He’s not super patient about the whole process – we usually only get through a few pages after he sits on my lap – but he’s getting better.

2013-12-11 18.53.40small

Cute little spaghetti face.

2013-12-14 14.24.15small

Adorable cousins at the Blodgett Christmas party.

2013-12-14 14.47.51small

We had fun with the family.

2013-12-14 14.33.38small

There were 90+ people at the party!

2013-12-14 14.30.07small

All my funny boy wanted to do was play on the exercise bike.

2013-12-14 15.00.57-1small

Spencer LOVED Santa. He gave him hugs and loves, even though it wasn’t his turn to go up. He is such a sweetheart. He is so good at giving hugs and kisses and making people feel loved. He even responded to Torbin the other day (Torbin frequently tells Spencer that he loves him…over and over) and said, “yuh-you” for “love you” while he was crossing his arms over his chest. I melted.

2013-12-14 15.27.33small

All the kids with Santa.

2013-12-14 15.11.36small

Spence was too interested in his present to pose for the Santa picture. Presents trump all.

December 1-7, 2013

2013-12-01 23.29.08small

FotoFly family pictures!

2013-12-01 23.29.30small

I love my little family.

2013-12-01 23.29.23small

This is the one we chose to print huge for our wall.

2013-12-01 23.29.36small

My little angel face.

2013-12-02 15.11.07small

Decorating the DrivingSales tree.

2013-12-02 08.46.25small

We had a mouse…we never caught it, but it hasn’t been heard for a few weeks so we’re hoping it’s dead and gone somewhere.

2013-12-01 23.29.59small

He’s a happy man.

2013-12-02 17.38.29small


2013-12-03 16.02.29small

His cute face is just too much sometimes.

2013-12-03 09.19.28small

He played with these dice non-stop for at least 3 days.

2013-12-02 19.01.20small

Lasagna face!

2013-12-03 16.25.24small

We had some serious snow days here in Riverton! Spencer loved watching it come down, and the neighbors play in it.

2013-12-04 22.00.34small

Gingerbread house time!

2013-12-04 21.46.09small

Tom has some serious focus and skill.

2013-12-04 22.14.02small

Our finished house (for the ward Christmas party).

2013-12-05 08.25.34small

We went to the OB for our gender check!

2013-12-05 09.20.43small

Spencer is thrilled to announce that he’s going to have a little sister!

2013-12-05 08.57.30small

It’s a girl! We are so excited.

2013-12-05 08.26.00small

I can’t believe we’ll have two babies.

2013-12-05 18.59.18small

Aunt Brittany is by far the favorite of all.

2013-12-06 17.36.17small

Fixing the microwave so that he can have warm milk again.

2013-12-06 09.49.10small

We had a fun play date with Covel while his mom was working. He’s an adorable boy. We love having them next door.

2013-12-07 15.21.18small

Our sweet baby girl, and her big brain.

2013-12-06 20.45.17small

We had “The Crew” Christmas party. It was a fun event with pj’s, food, and a white elephant gift exchange. The kids had a great time running around with each other.

2013-12-06 20.11.49small

Reading with Kira. She’s due on January 8th.

2013-12-06 20.45.11small

Fun times with great friends.

2013-12-07 19.37.10-1small

Tom and I were in charge of the entertainment for the Ward Christmas Party.

2013-12-07 19.41.55small

Tom was the MC. He did an awesome job. We made Santa costumes, played chimes as a ward, and watched a spiritual Christmas video.

2013-12-07 19.37.33small

The Santa costumes were a hit!