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October 20-26, 2013

2013-10-20 16.48.25-2small

Poor guy got sick, and we ended up bringing him to the Instacare. It was “just a virus.” 🙁

2013-10-22 16.35.24small

He picked out his own tie.

2013-10-21 19.16.08 2small

It’s a baby!

2013-10-22 18.25.45small

Pumpkin Patch time!

2013-10-22 18.45.22small

Spence was VERY excited about the tractors.

2013-10-22 18.42.54-1small

Especially when we found one his size!

2013-10-22 18.41.46small

He is the funniest boy. He gets so excited about things, and he always makes this face as he gasps and squeals.

2013-10-22 18.39.39small

He’s all boy.

2013-10-22 18.30.45small

We picked some good ones.

2013-10-22 18.26.35small

I love this happy little bug.

2013-10-22 18.52.03small

Mr. Smarty led us straight through the corn maze. (It only had one path.)

2013-10-22 18.50.56-1small

Family picture time.

2013-10-22 18.49.41small

On a tractor.

2013-10-23 12.49.15small

Jared took everyone to an Indian Restaurant to celebrate DSES being a success.

2013-10-23 17.05.48small

We painted pumpkins for Activity Days. Spence loved it.

2013-10-23 17.05.37small

He wanted to “paint” everything.

2013-10-23 16.55.25small

Cutie 8-year-olds.

2013-10-24 18.30.45-6small

Leaf JOY.

2013-10-24 18.32.46small

Burying daddy.

2013-10-24 18.32.41-1small

He has the best facial expressions.

2013-10-25 20.46.42-2small

Tom and I left Spencer with Grandma and Grandpa and went on an overnight date to SLC to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. We saw this comedy show “Dracula Vs. The Wolfman.” It was definitely funny, and random.

2013-10-25 20.52.28small

My hot date.

2013-10-26 19.37.56small

On Saturday, we had dinner at J-Dawgs with the Hawaii Krebs girls and then took a tour of John and Lucy’s house. They found lots of stuffed animals for Spencer to enjoy.

October 13-19, 2013

2013-10-13 12.43.16small

We went to church at the Tates Creek building, and miraculously Spencer fell asleep! Such a good boy.

2013-10-13 15.16.51small

Mom snuggling Gabby/Baby – she was a rescue from Sister Southworth’s house.

2013-10-13 15.08.07small

 Cameo, Spence, and Leo relaxing on the Sabbath.

2013-10-13 15.17.02small

Sunday Selfie!

2013-10-15 12.20.54-2small

Meanwhile in Vegas…Tom and his team finished up DSES 2013! It was a success.

2013-10-14 19.16.40small

Our attempt at a grandkid picture. This was the best we could get. 🙂

2013-10-14 13.13.11-1small

On Monday we went to the Kentucky Horse Farm. It was so much fun for the kids!

2013-10-14 12.25.37-1small

You can’t beat this gorgeous scenery.

2013-10-14 12.44.51small

Playing hard makes you thirsty!

2013-10-14 11.46.38small

My cute little jockey.

2013-10-14 11.41.36small

The kids had a blast playing at the horse park with cousins.

2013-10-14 13.12.59small

 We even got to go on a horse-drawn carriage ride. Spencer was really excited.

2013-10-14 11.49.24small

He even kissed a (fake) horse. My sweet boy.

2013-10-14 11.28.32small

The horses are so beautiful.

2013-10-14 11.25.09small

Spencer really liked watching them in their stalls. I was worried a finger would get bitten off. 😉

2013-10-14 11.19.48small

Thanks for driving all the way from Alabama to visit us, Cam! We had a great time with her adorable kids.

2013-10-14 11.19.40small

Spencer about had a heart attack he was squealing so loud when the horses first ran out into the arena.

2013-10-14 11.19.44small

 Fun times with the family! It was so wonderful to be able to spend a week in Kentucky with my family. It was sad to not have Tom there, but he was busy with DSES in Vegas. We laughed, and ate, and played, and chased kids around. It was a great trip!

2013-10-15 12.55.50small

Spencer was so tuckered out after a wonderful trip to Kentucky that he slept on one of the flights home. He’s an angel.

2013-10-15 16.47.41small

 Tom and I both flew home from our trips on October 15th, our TWO year anniversary! It was sad to not be together very much (since he didn’t fly in until midnight), but we were able to celebrate our anniversary in Salt Lake the next weekend. I am so grateful to be married to the most patient, happy, loving, motivated man I’ve ever met. He’s better than any husband I could have ever dreamed up.

2013-10-16 22.06.30small

We went to a surprise baby shower for Paul and Lindsay Hamilton on the 16th. They are having a boy in November.

2013-10-16 20.06.12small

 Spencer really liked sitting by the fire.

2013-10-16 10.15.00small

Cozied up with panda.

2013-10-17 15.44.25-1small

It’s FALL! (Now who’s going to rake all those leaves?)

2013-10-17 15.06.45-1small

My little ball of joy. I love him so much.

2013-10-17 18.11.36-1small

Spencer took advantage of an open fridge, pulled the milk out, and immediately tried to drink from the top. Tom followed his example. Boys…

2013-10-17 15.54.28small

 One last play in the sandbox. It’s getting coooold!

2013-10-18 12.20.40small

Friday potluck.

2013-10-17 15.22.35small

 His first real bleed. He was coming up the stairs and bit his lip somehow. He was very sad about it. It healed super fast, though. I’m a little surprised that he hasn’t gotten any real cuts/scrapes/bruises. He’s a careful boy.

2013-10-19 14.38.03-2small

And then he got sick with some nasty virus. 🙁 We didn’t sleep for days. Poor thing. I blame all the airplanes and travel.

2013-10-19 10.06.16-1small

 The neatest part of the week was being able to attend the baptism of the (entire) Schumate family. Nate works with Tom and moved his family here a couple months ago. They were befriended by neighbors who shared the Gospel with them. Nate was baptized the week before this, and was able to receive the Priesthood so that he could baptize his wife and kids (their youngest son is only 7, and will be baptized when he turns 8). The spirit was so strong at the baptism. I am grateful for the knowledge of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. It brings so much happiness and peace to my family, and any family that accepts it.

October 6-12, 2013

2013-10-06 13.10.59_small

Little boy in a big closet.

2013-10-06 18.58.06-2_small

He fits right in.

2013-10-06 20.19.56_small

Happy birthday, Lucy!

2013-10-07 12.25.32-1_small

Spencer got a new toy for our plane trip to Kentucky!

2013-10-08 07.34.04-2_small

We’re about to take off for a week with the Krebs!

2013-10-08 09.16.03_small

Spencer was a great travel buddy. Yes, he wants to move and climb and explore…but we were able to survive the 4 airplanes to and from KY with ease.

2013-10-08 13.40.38_small

 He was a good sleeper during nap time. Hallelujah.

2013-10-08 18.39.05_small

Of course, the first thing he found amongst grandma’s toys was the stuffed panda.

2013-10-09 16.31.04_small

We went to Keeneland and were up close and personal with the horses! Spencer loves horses now!

2013-10-09 16.53.26_small

He pointed and squealed the whole time we were there!

2013-10-09 11.20.25-1_small

He’d never seen a phone like this in his life, but he knew just what to do! 

2013-10-09 21.21.21-1_small

It took a bit to adjust to KY time, so the first night he was up until 10:30pm partying with the adults (and the dog, Baby).

2013-10-10 10.40.41-1_small

We had so much fun playing with cousins! This cool sprayer was at the UK arboretum. Spencer was a little obsessed. He stayed and played there for a good 20 minutes.

2013-10-10 09.31.05_small

I love his dark hair and eyelashes!

2013-10-10 11.00.02_small

The kids loved playing in the dirt. Spencer’s mean mom wouldn’t let him dig. He was already soaked from the sprayers.

2013-10-10 15.54.13_small

It was so fun to play with Tam and the kids for a few days before they headed back to Arizona.

2013-10-11 10.18.54_small

We took a quick hike up Raven’s Run to see the KY river. It was the perfect weather! Spencer enjoyed the backpack – as long as I was feeding him snacks.

2013-10-11 11.31.01-1_small

We made it to the top! Spence loved his Grandpa Krebs. It was fun to spend time with my parents and have them interact with the boy for a little while.

2013-10-11 11.19.22_small

Glen and Jo-Jo, pondering life’s deepest questions.

2013-10-11 11.18.24_small

Glen has grown up SO much over the last year. He is a completely different (looking) boy/man!

2013-10-11 10.21.50_small

BFC! Best friend cousins!

2013-10-11 17.04.15-1_small

He quite enjoyed the book closet in the bonus room.

2013-10-12 16.50.03_small

We went to a kids consignment store and I found this great snowsuit for Spencer. He kept falling over and mom and I couldn’t stop laughing. I hope it works this winter!

2013-10-11 18.14.42_small

Sometimes it helps to have a dog…

September 29 – October 5, 2013

2013-09-29 15.32.01_small

I’m sad I didn’t get another picture, but my men were matching at church. It was too cute.

2013-09-30 11.24.37_small

He thinks he owns the cul-de-sac.

2013-09-30 09.29.41_small

This is his best TV watching spot.

2013-09-30 11.33.06_small

And his best pilfering through the fridge spot.

2013-10-02 19.21.20_small

A little light reading on Aunt Brittany’s bed.

2013-10-02 19.09.11_small

Mom was too scared to let him ride, but he sure had fun sitting with Papa on the dirt bike.

2013-10-01 16.32.05_small

I was working on a project, and Spence stole my fabric. He looks pretty good.

2013-10-02 21.23.22-1_small

The Halloween banner I made!

2013-10-04 21.07.39_small

We had a fun date night at the temple and Texas Roadhouse!

2013-10-04 11.31.13_small

Spencer has taken to sitting in boxes.

2013-10-03 09.00.48_small

Tom sold our Shelter Logic! I love not having it block up our backyard.

2013-10-05 08.46.25_small

Walking in daddy’s shoes.

2013-10-05 19.45.51_small

Tom went to the Priesthood session of General Conference with his dad, uncles, and Grandpa Bay.

2013-10-05 17.18.59_small

While they were out at Priesthood, we went to Provo with mom to eat with Brittany and do a little window shopping. Even though he doesn’t look like it, he had a great time on his date.