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September 22-28, 2013

2013-09-28 10.47.14_small

 Helping dad with his Saturday jobs. (Changing the faucet)

2013-09-28 15.51.08_small

Updating the doorknobs.

2013-09-28 16.11.23_small

I spy with my little eye, something green.

2013-09-28 16.07.03-1_small

 My husband is part monkey.

2013-09-27 16.19.54_small

My little BFF.

2013-09-27 12.22.37_small

He’s definitely my son. Eating pickles in his pj’s out in public.

2013-09-27 12.06.39_small

You can’t tell…but it’s snowing. In September?! I can’t wait for him to see his first real snow.

2013-09-26 17.43.18_small

He thought these construction cones were pretty awesome.

2013-09-26 17.35.00-2_small

We’re not ready for the cold weather! We both froze on our walk!

2013-09-26 10.50.02_small

More fun with friends at the library.

2013-09-25 16.59.59_small

We really like Activity Days! These girls are the cutest. They made a sacrament file folder game.

2013-09-25 14.33.49_small

 He’s a voracious reader.

2013-09-23 19.30.23-2_small

We played hide & seek for FHE. Spencer and I were having a hard time finding Tom – and when we walked back in from the garage and spotted him, I screamed and Spencer laughed. He wanted up immediately!

2013-09-23 11.56.32_small

We played with sidewalk chalk, but mostly Spencer was interested in opening and closing the bucket. He’s a little engineer. He always wants to figure out how things work.

2013-09-23 10.28.19_small

We love the free aquarium at Walmart. 😉

2013-09-22 18.20.05_small

“Tom, we should make a fort.” 15 minutes later, we had a castle. I love my husband.

2013-09-22 16.30.22_small

 Spencer LOVES animals. This cat wandered into our backyard and was very friendly (much more so than Bagel or Baby). He was a happy boy!

September 15-21, 2013

2013-09-15 18.04.07_small

Cousin piano time!

2013-09-16 17.27.27_small

This boy lounges on his panda many times a day. They are besties.

2013-09-16 16.47.43-1_small

I asked Spencer to put his shirt away…but not in the diaper pail. Ew. He’s a silly little monkey.

2013-09-16 11.46.15-2_small

And I love him so much!

2013-09-17 19.02.49_small

He really wants to be able to press the pedals with his foot. He tries so hard to be a big boy.

2013-09-17 10.53.38_small

Being a little happy tornado, as always.

2013-09-16 20.41.14_small

We had a fun game night with John and Lucy! I’m pretty sure Tom won.

2013-09-18 12.06.41_small

For all that mess, he barely ate any of it. We’ll save spaghetti for when he’s a little older, I think.

2013-09-18 07.47.32_small

He is the neighborhood watch. Nobody can mess with our cul-de-sac.

2013-09-17 19.18.40_small

We noticed recently that Spencer’s toe overlaps the other. My grandma Hancock had the same thing. It’s nice to know her genes have passed on. 🙂 Hopefully her music genes come, too!

2013-09-19 08.10.29-1_small

Smoothie sharing.

2013-09-18 12.29.36_small

Spence is a very good helper. He washed down his high chair with me.

2013-09-19 10.38.14_small

He has really started to enjoy story time at the library.

2013-09-19 10.37.57_small

Hopefully this isn’t foretelling his future in school, but he kind of does his own thing while the teacher is reading and singing. He is listening, but also walking around and talking to other kids.

2013-09-21 07.32.11-2_small

Bountiful Basket time!

2013-09-20 12.38.51-1_small

Now THAT is a cheese sandwich. (DrivingSales potluck)

2013-09-19 17.28.52_small

This hand is usually accompanied by a demanding sound. “More snacks, mom!”

2013-09-21 12.08.26-2_small

Dad is way more fun at Walmart than mom.

September 8-14, 2013

2013-09-08 16.53.30_small

Still in California! Spencer is completely in love with his panda friends.

2013-09-08 17.16.53-1_small

Cute little friends….lean on me.

2013-09-09 13.30.27_small

Our flight home on Monday was a success. Spencer is a rockstar traveler.

2013-09-09 17.24.01_small

Our last leg of the flight was super empty, and the flight attendant asked to take our picture. Too bad Spence wouldn’t smile.

2013-09-09 21.08.01_small

He was thrilled to get home and see his toys. He quickly figured out how to insert the key into all the holes.

2013-09-10 11.21.37-2_small

I’m proud of his writing grip.

2013-09-10 19.10.48_small

We had an Activity Days party on Tuesday. We had a great time with ice cream and games.

2013-09-10 19.58.40_small

Spencer was one lucky boy and got to eat a sucker.

2013-09-10 19.53.53_small

Green, green…

2013-09-10 19.53.22_small

The girls loved the piñata, mostly for the candy.

2013-09-11 12.34.19_small

Spencer really loves eating from these things now.

2013-09-13 17.05.59-1_small

My little boy had a blast splashing in the puddles at the mall.

2013-09-11 17.02.59_small

First bubble bath!

2013-09-11 16.25.13-2_small

He also loves Cookie Butter (from Trader Joe’s)…Yum.

2013-09-14 13.49.29_small

Well…..we bought ourselves a piano. We’ve loved it already! We got it in a liquidation sale at the Piano Gallery. I’ve missed having a piano of my own, in a house of my own. I can’t wait to have our home filled with music.

2013-09-14 13.50.30_small

Doing a little test run.

2013-09-14 16.18.59_small

We drove up the canyon to Dan Jensen’s cabin on Saturday evening. It’s been a rainy week, and the clouds on the mountains have been breathtaking.

2013-09-14 19.37.39_small

Fun with Rachel.

2013-09-14 19.35.45_small

It finally stopped raining and we were able to cook some hot dogs and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Spencer liked it, but was pretty frustrated that he didn’t have free reign of the wilderness (and fire).

September 1-7, 2013

2013-09-01 10.34.56-1_small

I think it’s time for my baby to have his first haircut. <3

2013-09-01 10.40.18_small

Despite a little fighting, Spencer did a great job while Tom cut his hair.

2013-09-01 10.38.25_small

 He watched his baby videos that I made while he waited.

2013-09-01 10.56.35_small

 He looks so grown up and handsome now!

2013-09-01 19.09.17_small

We went to mom and dad’s on Labor Day, and had some water fun with cousins.

2013-09-01 19.28.54_small

It ended with a little streaking through the grass.

2013-09-01 19.28.29_small

 My boy…

2013-09-02 15.15.47_small

We attempted to go to Seven Peaks Fun Center in Lehi….it was crazy packed for Labor Day, so we ended up just walking around and letting Spencer fiddle with the knobs.

2013-09-02 18.33.21_small

 Yum, corn! Good thing he has those 8 teeth!

2013-09-03 10.48.37_small

Cute wedding picture by Emily

2013-09-03 17.27.31_small

My little puppy whines by the back door now so that he can go outside and play in the sand.

2013-09-04 14.25.19-2_small

It’s still his favorite spot in the house.

2013-09-03 17.01.41_small

His new swing…not so much.

2013-09-03 13.05.06_small

 His first PB&J…he didn’t hate it, but he wouldn’t eat much.

2013-09-05 09.20.55_small

Spencer and I get to go to California for the weekend to see Brynn and Corwin! We’re the luckiest!

2013-09-05 12.26.47_small

My angel baby slept on the flight.

2013-09-05 10.59.47-2_small

…After he was done looking out the window and squealing. He loved it!

2013-09-05 10.38.59-2_small

He’s a fun little travel buddy.

2013-09-05 10.08.19_small

 He had a blast wandering the airport while we waited.

2013-09-05 14.57.11_small

Fun in a box with Corwin!

2013-09-06 07.45.36_small

 Spencer loved this IKEA walker.

2013-09-06 10.31.35_small

We got to go to a baby beach for the morning. The boys were a crazy mess, but they loved it! The water felt great, and it was super calm and clean.

2013-09-06 10.50.27_small

Spence loved splashing and making mud!

2013-09-06 10.50.16_small

Kind of a creepy picture, but he had so much fun in the water and sand.

2013-09-06 10.34.51_small

Cute little friends.

2013-09-06 11.15.03-2_small

Cute big friends. 🙂

2013-09-06 11.13.23_small

 I love the sun and the beach! It was so much fun to spend time with Brynn there.

2013-09-06 17.45.52_small

As much as I tried, I never got a good picture of the boys. They were playing too hard! (And reading good books thanks to Aunt Brynn, the librarian)

2013-09-06 19.24.57_small

 We went to a yummy mexican restaurant with Jeff and the boys. They did a pretty good job, except for the crazy mess of food on the ground.

2013-09-07 07.02.19_small

While we were gone, Tom ran a 5K with the stake.

2013-09-07 07.35.43-2_small

He literally ran into mom and dad on his run. 🙂 I am proud of my healthy husband for just waking up and deciding to run a 5K with no training.

2013-09-07 16.52.41_small

 He also helped with the stake Harvest Fair. He said it was fun to see all of our old and new ward friends!

2013-09-07 18.15.50-2_small

We went on a bike ride down the boardwalk. The boys weren’t fans. Spencer screamed the whole time, because he had refused his afternoon nap. Corwin threw up chunks everywhere. It was…less than enjoyable. Brynn and I couldn’t stop laughing though, as we biked down the beach with two screaming babies. It was a sight to see.