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June 23-29, 2013

2013-06-23 14.38.29-2_small

Sunday School with daddy.

2013-06-25 09.56.55_small

The continued fascination…

2013-06-26 13.20.10_small

He earned a new ball at the library for signing up for the summer reading program. ­čÖé He loves playing in the books.

2013-06-25 19.42.05_small

Waiting patiently for some delicious Shave Ice.

2013-06-25 14.12.31_small

His fancy new walker! He loves it! He’s getting to be a much better walker now.

2013-06-25 13.40.01-2_small

Success in the sandbox.

2013-06-26 16.33.33_small

Our first week at Activity Days! He loved it. I loved it. The girls loved it. We’re going to love this calling. ­čÖé

2013-06-28 17.30.50_small

Matt and Corinda drove to SLC from Kentucky! We got to eat dinner with them, and then they headed to Logan for the summer. Well, Corinda will be there all summer. Matt is doing an internship in Japan for six weeks. Hopefully we get to see a little more of them!

2013-06-28 12.58.32-1_small

My little DJ. He loves our new PA system. Music is in his genes. He has some pretty sweet dance moves.

2013-06-28 09.00.50_small

Reading his Astro book from Grandma Krebs.

2013-06-27 09.32.41-1_small

Spencer’s 10 month photo shoot was kind of a bust. This was the best picture I could get. He’s a sweetheart, and always so happy – but he sure won’t stop moving for me.

2013-06-29 18.06.33-2_small

He is a sleepy-head. He loves his naps so much. Tom caught this cute picture of him. Please note his panda between the legs. ­čÖé

2013-06-29 22.31.41-2_small

10:30pm. Crazy kid. Glad he was happy, and not screaming.

2013-06-29 20.46.11_small

We had a fun BBQ at Nick and Shara Park’s house with Tom’s high school friends. They are a great group. It’s nice to have them in our life.

2013-06-29 20.28.28_small

┬áHe wasn’t so sure about the bounce house. It made him pretty nervous.

2013-06-29 20.29.14_small

The Crew.

June 16-22, 2013

2013-06-16 21.27.16_small

June 16th was Tom’s first Father’s Day. It was a pretty sad day for all of us. We woke up on Sunday, after a terrible nights sleep because Tom and Spencer were both sick with a stomach virus. We drove home from the Bay cabin as soon as we could. Tom laid down for a nap, and I took Spencer to InstaCare. He “just” had a virus. Boo. Once Tom was awake, we gave him his gifts – a book from Spencer and a frame with his missionary┬áname-tag┬áfrom me. Basically, he slept the rest of the day and I managed the sick boy. I’m sad that I didn’t even get a picture of them┬átogether. ­čÖü Tom is the best father in the world, and I am so grateful that I get to raise our children with him by my side.

2013-06-21 21.21.55-2_small

Playing with his “treasures.”

2013-06-22 22.11.52_small

Like son, like father.

2013-06-21 20.54.08_small

He loves our grass.

2013-06-19 22.26.35_smallI┬ástole this picture of baby Glen and his girlfriend, Charlie. Cute couple, right? Glen is getting so tall and thin. It’s weird. ­čśë

2013-06-18 13.52.48_small

John and Lucy came by to say hi. Sadly, the boy was super grumpy and sick.

2013-06-20 19.51.33_smallTom and I got to go to a Ben Folds, Guster, and Barenaked Ladies concert! It was at the USANA amphitheater. We had a great night together. Spencer was with the fam.

2013-06-20 21.31.21_small

During one of the breaks, Guster was playing out in the sidewalk. It was pretty cool.

2013-06-20 19.07.39-1_small

I love my man! And good music.

2013-06-20 19.16.22_small

The amphitheater.

2013-06-21 21.20.54-2_small

Tom bought me a Ben Folds piano towel. ­čÖé Mostly, it was because we were freezing!!

2013-06-21 19.04.12_small

We went to Los Hermanos to see John hard at work. It was delicious. He was a great server.

2013-06-20 12.25.48_small

He’s always a happy boy at Costco.

2013-06-18 17.15.12_smallSpacing out in the sandbox. Poor sick boy.

2013-06-19 18.11.56_small

Watching for daddy to come home! 

2013-06-18 11.41.05-2_small

My first flowers. I think they are beautiful!

2013-06-22 12.09.23_small

We finally organized the garage. Phew!

2013-06-22 11.50.38_small

And the hedges are trimmed. We are doing our homeowner duties.

June 9-15, 2013

2013-06-09 01.03.35_small

Continuation of last post…dad’s truck broke down and we had to get towed to Cedar City. Our washer and dryer were in the back.

2013-06-09 10.09.08_small

Just riding with dad out of the hotel room.

2013-06-09 10.01.53_small

He loves drinking out of adult cups and with adult utensils. He also loved the continental breakfast.

2013-06-09 01.24.55-1_small

Spencer’s first hotel stay!

2013-06-09 13.02.02_small

Papa came to save us with Grandpa Bay!

2013-06-09 14.27.18_small

Grandpa and Grandpa. We couldn’t have better men in our lives.

2013-06-09 14.17.37_small

We ate at Dickey’s BBQ for lunch, and Spence chewed on the table the whole time. Gross…but funny.

2013-06-09 13.29.41_small

They loaded the entire truck into the trailer they had brought. It was a miracle. Unfortunately  it was too heavy and we only made it one mile down the freeway before we had to unload the truck and tow it to a transmission shop.

2013-06-09 13.12.41_small

Spencer enjoyed watching all the action.

2013-06-09 14.28.53-1_small

Four generations of handsome Bay men!

2013-06-09 16.18.15_small

Spencer was an angel on the crazy drive home from Cedar, and he slept a lot of the way.

2013-06-10 19.12.05_small

When we got home, our house was miserably warm. So we asked Sterling Walker (our neighbor and friend) to come fix it. He had a broken thumb, poor guy. It works now. Hallelujah.

2013-06-09 15.05.01-2_small

Spencer gives lots of kisses to his favorite panda.

2013-06-11 12.33.37-1_small

Oil change day. Spence LOVES cars.

2013-06-12 12.06.26_small

Tam sent me these pictures of the new tile in our AZ house! I love it!

2013-06-12 12.05.15_small

It’s going to sell super fast with this beautiful tile. ­čÖé

2013-06-12 10.28.03-1_small

My little love.

2013-06-11 19.47.05_small

We went to a delicious shave ice place. They have melona. YUM.

2013-06-12 19.42.46-1_small

He can get up the stairs in 10 seconds flat. Too bad he doesn’t know how to get down.

2013-06-14 10.27.15_small

Becky and the girls came to Utah! In celebration, we drove to the Bay family cabin near Evanston, Wyoming. It’s actually in Utah, but we drove through Wyoming for a minute. Mom and dad rented a 15 passenger van to haul all of us there. It was a fun time.

2013-06-13 17.42.05_small

We stopped at Tom’s office after we picked the girls up from the airport.

2013-06-13 17.33.14_small

Piled in!

2013-06-13 12.07.42_small

Sandbox times.

2013-06-14 10.47.28_small

Cute cousins, ready to get to the cabin and play!

2013-06-14 15.29.25_small

Spencer enjoyed driving cars on the road blanket with his cousins.

2013-06-14 15.21.36_small

The babies! They didn’t interact a ton, but I’m glad I got this adorable picture. Spencer, Kylee, and Zach.

2013-06-14 10.47.32_small

Anna and Zach in the van.

2013-06-14 15.52.26_small

Toy time!

2013-06-14 18.30.12_small

Spence looks like he got caught red handed.

2013-06-14 16.18.24_small

Riding on the Rhino with Baba and Papa!

2013-06-14 16.03.03_small

Swinging with the Aunties!

2013-06-14 16.02.35_small

I love how Spencer’s hand is on Becky’s arm.

2013-06-14 19.33.34_small

Trucks with Papa.

2013-06-15 13.51.50_small

This was the face we got most of Saturday. Spencer and Tom (and eventually most of the family) got some kind of stomach virus. It was awful. We didn’t sleep Friday or Saturday night, and went home early Sunday to take him to the InstaCare at Riverton Hospital. He had a fever of 101 and couldn’t sleep. His stomach must have hurt really bad. Tom had bowel issues and really awful stomach cramping. Mom and dad left late Saturday night to get them medicine. It kind of ruined the cabin trip, but it was still nice to get up there and enjoy the beauty of the earth.

2013-06-15 13.43.57-2_small

Cute grandpa and grandma planned a treasure hunt for the kids.

2013-06-15 13.43.53_small

I think the boy would have enjoyed it a lot more if he wasn’t sick.

2013-06-14 20.01.00_small

Cutie cabin.

2013-06-15 13.53.43_small

Watching the water. Tom is the best dad.

2013-06-15 17.19.11_small

Brynn on the swing.

2013-06-15 14.00.43_small

Mr. Grumpy-pants felt a little better when we let him play in the dirt.

2013-06-15 13.58.41_small

┬áDigging and digging for treasure…

2013-06-15 14.00.38_small

They found the buried treasure! 

June 2-8, 2013 Arizona

2013-06-02 18.15.24_small

We got to spend Sunday afternoon with my amazing Special Ed friends! ­čÖé Sherri, Abby, and Kelly were the best part of working at Highland. It was wonderful to see them again, and meet little Cash!

2013-06-02 12.06.51-3_small

My handsome, happy little man, skipping Sunday School with dad.

2013-06-02 07.30.52-1_small

Playing with his new toy from Aunt Tammy. He loves standing!

2013-06-03 15.50.35_small

Just hanging out in his cousins crib. They are the sweetest boys.

2013-06-05 20.43.49-1_small

We also got to spend an evening with Amy and Dano’s family. She made us a delicious dinner and we talked for awhile. Their kids were so adorable with Spencer. They are great friends.

2013-06-04 19.25.57-2_small

Brein and Brandon came over to Gma and Gpa Bay’s house so that we could spend some time together. I love them.

2013-06-04 12.22.48_small

Library time with the Adams!

2013-06-03 16.21.26-1_small

┬áGrant taught Spencer to LOVE cars. I had to buy some for him! He says “kah” every time he sees a little car, and sometimes big ones. I think we can officially say that “car” is his first word! He definitely knows what he is saying.

2013-06-06 12.18.40_small

McDonalds play place. Spence had a blast in the toddler area.

2013-06-06 18.21.05_small

Driving grandpa’s “kah.”

2013-06-06 17.59.33_small

Nothing better than lounging in Arizona.

2013-06-06 17.37.29-1_small

We went over to Lacey and Dallas Grainger’s house to meet baby Cade! Spencer kissed their dog Archie over and over. It was funny, cute, and completely disgusting.

2013-06-06 13.43.41-2_small

 Water time in the backyard! He drank out of the hose for a good 5 minutes. Haha. What a boy.

2013-06-06 21.01.18_small

The new paint job at the townhouse, and Tom trying to fix the doors. We ended up having to pay someone to come fix them, because they weren’t trimmed enough.

2013-06-07 14.00.29-1_small

Spencer is a water baby. He LOVES the pool and bath and anything related.

2013-06-07 13.17.51-2_small

They have these awesome “zero entry” pools in Arizona for the little babies. It slopes in just like a beach.

2013-06-07 12.44.32_small

We ate at the new Gilbert Kneaders and were able to see Becky Lang. She is the head baker there. So yummy!

2013-06-06 21.44.46_small

Our fancy “new” townhouse. It’s almost ready to sell!

2013-06-07 18.26.13_small

Emma had her very first violin recital while we were there. She wasn’t nervous all day, and then when she started hearing how good everyone else was she got really nervous and started crying. Her sweet teacher helped her and Emma got through it just fine. She is a talented little woman.

2013-06-08 11.52.28_small

My son is obsessed with the vacuum.

2013-06-08 08.59.55_small

Saying goodbye to the Adams! We’ll miss you! Spencer loves his cousins so much.

2013-06-08 08.28.17_small

The tile was halfway in when we had to leave for Utah. It’s going to look great! I wish we would have put tile in when we lived there. ­čÖé

2013-06-08 23.23.07-2_small

And….on the way home from Arizona the truck broke down. We were 15 miles outside of Cedar City (four hours from home). It was 11pm, and we had to get a tow truck to bring us to a hotel in Cedar. It was pretty stressful to me. Mostly because we broke dad’s truck. :/ Spencer was a sweetheart the whole night and just slept through everything.

May 26 – June 1, 2013

2013-05-30 19.08.02-2_small

Spence got sick this week for a few days. He was loving on his humidifier one day. He’s a sweet boy. He loves giving kisses to things he loves.

2013-05-30 17.48.16_small

Just hanging at the library, getting audio books for our drive to Arizona.

2013-05-30 17.24.37-2_small

Poor sicky. He was so miserable.

2013-05-30 16.13.11_small

I hate when my baby gets sick. It makes me so sad. Him, too.

2013-05-30 13.36.19-1_small

┬áKevin Vance was a great addition to DrivingSales. He just moved him family to California and got a new job. He will still be working part time for DrivingSales. I’m sure Tom will miss him.

2013-05-30 13.10.21_small

I tried to snuggle Spencer and watch Anastasia. He lasted 10 minutes, and then ditched me for his toy room. I guess I don’t mind that he doesn’t love TV.

2013-05-29 20.25.37_small

Double rainbow from our backyard!

2013-05-28 20.28.51-2_small

Cleaning up the mess from our mini flood in the basement. Yes, we will be changing the color of the guest room. The joys of home ownership.

2013-05-28 16.54.31_small

The boy loves watching out the front door. Especially on beautiful rainy days!

2013-05-27 19.40.54_small

┬áBiking with Papa! No, he didn’t actually get to ride. But he took the sitting very seriously.

2013-05-27 18.36.21_small

Swimming for the FIRST time!! We went to Grandpa and Grandma’s for Memorial day. It was pretty chilly outside, but 90 degrees in the pool. Spencer loved every single second. He is a water baby!

2013-05-27 10.58.11_small

Breakfast with the Blodgett clan before we went to the gravesides.

2013-05-27 12.05.12_small

Memorial Day flowers for Grandma Blodgett. 

2013-05-26 17.55.59_small

Spencer is the proud owner of a free sandbox we got off KSL.

2013-05-26 17.55.56-2_small

Daddy buried him.

2013-05-26 17.23.37_small

This boy loves his panda.

2013-05-26 17.21.15-1_small

Can you believe he’s 9 months old?! My little man brings us so much joy. I’m a lucky mom.

2013-05-26 17.19.24_small

We attempted a standing picture, since that’s what he does all the time now. He pulls himself up on everything!

2013-05-26 12.51.12_small

Wind mohawk, walking to church.

2013-05-26 09.35.49_small

Yummy waffles on a Saturday morning. We bought this delicious coconut syrup that we ate in Hawaii.

2013-05-31 17.00.43-2_small

 We drove to Arizona to prep my townhouse to sell. We drove through the night so that Spencer could sleep most of the way. He did great.

2013-06-01 17.15.27_small

We made it to Arizona in time for Emma’s very first swim meet. She was pretty nervous, but she did it!

2013-06-01 17.03.43_small

Watching the swimmers in the crazy heat.

2013-06-01 10.56.15_small

Spence was a wild man in Gma and Gpa Bay’s AZ house, so I made him hang in his stroller for awhile. He actually really liked it.