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March 24-30, 2013

 2013-03-24 20.02.08_tom

Jon and Anna came over with the boys on Sunday. Torbin was eating the “ice ceen.” We are so blessed to live close to Tom’s family!

2013-03-24 13.49.23_tom

Sunday selfie with dad.

2013-03-24 10.17.11_tom

He actually fell asleep at church! Miracle of miracles!

2013-03-25 09.58.43_tom

I just wanted to document his adorable naked bod and awesome faux-hawk.

2013-03-25 11.05.06_tom

Tom and I have started the hunt for our very own home. This one is down the road from mom and dad Bay – but unfortunately it is already under contract.

2013-03-25 14.38.09_tom

He covers his sweet little eyes like this when he is drinking his bottle whilst tired. I love him. He was a hungry boy this week, after not eating at all for a week when he was sick.

2013-03-26 10.42.12_tomSeven month photo shoot! He was the sweetest angel, and smiled the whole time. I swear that he is the best and smartest and cutest seven month old in the whole world. We love him more than anything!
2013-03-26 19.39.29_tom

My cute Beehives.

2013-03-26 19.39.24_tom

We made Muddy Buddies, of all varieties.

2013-03-26 19.39.16_tom

Cute girls. I still can’t get over how many of them there are (about 12 active).

2013-03-27 10.12.38_tomHe is usually very happy when he wakes up. I love it! 
2013-03-28 17.18.44_tomHe loves swinging. So much.
2013-03-28 16.38.19_tom

Spencer also loves his toys. He is a lucky boy to have so many! Thanks, Aunt Tammy!

2013-03-29 14.47.11_tom

Skip the toys. I want the basket.

2013-03-27 18.50.07_tom

 Sun-bathing time!

2013-03-27 18.50.48_tom

He was loving on Bagel.

2013-03-28 18.42.56_tom

I think this picture is so great. Serious grassy contemplation from my men.

2013-03-28 18.42.12_tom

Playing in the grass with dad.

2013-03-28 18.44.00_tom

He may have eaten a dirt clod…on Tom’s watch! 🙂

2013-03-29 11.25.03_tom

This is his new favorite spot. He pulls the basket down so that he can reach the toys he wants.

2013-03-25 15.36.58_small

DrivingSales is always a good time. Cake fight!

2013-03-29 12.30.58_small

They had a Jello-lunch for Mark. It was his birthday, and that’s his favorite food. Yum.
2013-03-30 12.52.16_tom

On the Saturday before Easter, the Blodgett’s had their big annual Easter Egg hunt at Grandpa’s house. Thanks to JoAnne for planning everything! Spencer was chilling with his double second cousin Jake. They are four days apart, Jake is older. Sweet Jake has the Blodgett heart condition and already has a pace-maker in his little chest. He seems to be doing well, though! He acts healthy and happy. I hope these boys can be good friends. (I just noticed that they have the same Blodgett chin!)

2013-03-30 12.52.25_tom

I love how Spencer’s hand is holding Jake, like he is protecting him from something.

2013-03-30 13.04.21_tom

Getting ready to find his eggs!

2013-03-30 13.05.47_tom

There was a lot of competition. Good thing he had Tom to help.

2013-03-30 21.51.57_tomHe knew just what to do!! It was such a fun party.
2013-03-30 12.15.56_small

We love spending time with family.

2013-03-30 17.24.14_small

Jon and Anna ended up spending the night, so that they could come to church with us on Easter. I love all of these pictures of the boys. I couldn’t narrow them down.

2013-03-30 17.24.11_small

Zach’s hand on Spencer’s knee just kills me! Cutest cousins!

2013-03-30 17.24.16_small

They are going to be the best of friends. I can’t wait!

2013-03-28 08.44.24_small

Spencer has started a new phase of “thumbing” things….like the guitar.

2013-03-28 08.34.25_tom

The remote…

2013-03-30 08.07.53_tom

His bottle…and so many more. I just can’t catch them all on camera. He bounces his teeny thumb up and down on whatever he is studying. I’m sure it helps the learning process.

March 17-23, 2013

2013-03-17 09.48.24_tom

Our sweet little tummy-sleeping angel.

2013-03-17 12.17.57_tom

Happy St. Patricks Day! I was so excited when I realized that Spencer’s 3-piece suit would finally fit! He and Tom looked SO HANDSOME! Thank you, Grandma Bay for the awesome suit.

2013-03-17 12.30.16_tom

We love our little leprechaun.

2013-03-17 12.32.27_tom

Doing his balancing act with dad.

2013-03-17 12.31.53_tom

I love my family.

2013-03-17 12.31.43_tom

 I think his little face is too cute in this picture!

2013-03-17 12.33.29_tom

Loving from Aunt Brittany. He’s her boyfriend.

2013-03-17 12.33.34_tom

They love each other.

2013-03-17 18.36.11_tom

Tom created this adorable collage of shots we took of the boy in his suit. I love them ALL!

2013-03-17 18.41.22_tom

Happy St. Patricks Day, from the Bays.


Tom made a cool cover photo for Facebook.

2013-03-17 11.18.23_tom

We had Stake Conference, and Spencer was a mess after being sick all week. So we ended up in the nursery for most of the meeting. It was hard to hear anything, but at least I didn’t feel bad for disrupting everyone around us in the meeting.

2013-03-17 10.13.06_tom

Pretending to listen to conference…before we moved to nursery.

2013-03-17 12.35.01_tom

He is the best thing that has ever happened to us!!

2013-03-17 17.41.04_tom

He loves this back massager. It felt good on his little gums. But now he has TWO TEETH on the bottom! He’s such a grown up boy. 🙂

2013-03-18 14.40.23_tom

The crusty I get when trying to get a picture of his new teeth.

2013-03-18 19.14.36_tom

Dad and Tom working on an outdoor project.

2013-03-19 10.31.20_tom

I finally hung Sharron’s quilt that she made for Spencer. It looks so great in his room! He loves looking at the bright colors and shapes. Thanks, Sharron!

2013-03-19 11.42.47_tom

Hanging out at Costco. He thought it was pretty interesting to look and say hi to all of the people.

2013-03-19 13.20.39_tom

My little old man. <3

2013-03-19 14.12.14_tom

Spencer loves going upstairs to play with Grandma’s cool toys. He thought this box was especially interesting.

2013-03-19 14.20.06_tom

 He kept taking things out one by one and eating them.

2013-03-19 14.33.57_tom

Until he emptied the whole box! He was so proud.

2013-03-19 17.49.44_tom

Dancing in the kitchen to oldies with Grandma and Britt. He was SO HAPPY about it! We love living here!

2013-03-19 17.00.07_tom

My poor boy was still pretty worn out from being sick. This was him watching Baby Signing Time one afternoon. He loves that DVD. I’m hoping he’s learning from it.

2013-03-19 16.18.34_tom

I was trying to get a picture of how crazy long my hair has gotten. Spencer kind of photo-bombed me. Haha.

2013-03-22 13.42.02_tom

Finally got a haircut! I didn’t dry it…

2013-03-19 20.07.49_tom

For Young Women’s on Tuesday, we went to Deseret Industries and sorted clothes into color order. I loved it! I really like taking things from disorder back to order. I think the girls had a good time, too.

2013-03-21 15.19.00_tom

This kid LOVES big-boy bath time.

2013-03-21 15.41.36_tom

He really likes chewing on these letters I bought him. The handsome kid.

2013-03-21 12.29.50_tom

He also loves lounging in grocery carts. Cute kid.

2013-03-21 12.25.33_tom

 I bought a load of fabric at Hobby Lobby to make baby blankets for my friends having babies.

2013-03-22 22.27.02_tom

It’s a pretty simple project, and it turns out so cute! These ones were for Cami Hales. I got to go to her shower on Saturday.

2013-03-21 22.52.22_tom

We had one nice enough day this week to go to the park! He was just lounging in the swing like a pro.

2013-03-21 20.56.25_tomBox-car times with dad! He’s too fun.

2013-03-23 00.09.57_tom

Spencer had a blast riding around.
2013-03-23 16.47.01_tomGrandma found him a little table to play with his toys on. He loves being able to reach everything without falling over! 
2013-03-22 23.56.32_tom

We had a fun spontaneous night with Jethro on Friday. He came over with Eloise and had dessert with us. It was nice to chat with him for awhile. He is a really good friend to Tom.

March 10-16, 2013

2013-03-10 16.41.31_small Living the life in Arizona! Emma loved being with Uncle Tom. She usually claims him as her favorite. 2013-03-11 11.23.43_small Thanks to Tammy’s generosity and Grant’s hat, Spencer was able to avoid getting a sunburn. 2013-03-11 10.20.32_small He had never interacted with dogs before Arizona. He loved grabbing at little Mister. Poor thing. 2013-03-11 10.16.18_small Cutie cousins! 2013-03-10 22.57.16_small I love this picture of Tammy and Grant. He is the sweetest boy alive. I can only hope Spencer turns out half as cute! 2013-03-11 11.23.55_small We played out in the sun as much as possible. The kids loved playing with these bowls of water. I need to remember this one! Cheap, and hours of fun. 2013-03-12 06.45.01_small I just love this naked bod. 2013-03-11 11.48.52_small My little smiley-face. 2013-03-11 11.47.37_small I think this will be one of my favorite pictures ever of my Grandpa Hancock. He is the most wonderful man! He loves his dog, he loves his family, and he loves to stay busy – probably in that order. I’ve never met an 89 year old that was so young and handsome. 2013-03-11 11.26.59_small More fun in the sun. Thank you Arizona! We definitely haven’t felt this warm in months. 2013-03-12 06.53.40_small I tried to get a good picture of his eyes. Of couse, he just wanted to grab the camera. He has the most interesting colored eyes. Not blue. Not green. Not brown. But some off mix of them all. 2013-03-12 17.15.18_small Watching a little Baby Signing Time. Thanks, Tammy, for the DVD’s!!! 2013-03-12 15.53.18_small My little angel ate his first bottle of the day on Tuesday, and immediately threw it up. After he threw up the next bottle too, I took him to a pediatric urgent care in Arizona. He was diagnosed with an acute ear infection and some stomach bug. It was the saddest thing!! He was miserable. 2013-03-12 13.34.03_small Tom had to fly home on Monday, while we stayed in Arizona. He sent us this picture from work – I love seeing his handsome face. He bought himself a new water bottle. 2013-03-12 09.57.38_small Emma was being a great doctor for Spencer. 2013-03-12 17.48.45_small One night at dinner, I asked Emma to find Spencer a spoon to play with. She went and got him ONE. Grant, however, decided that Spencer needed about seven more and kept bringing them to him. It was too cute. Spence was thrilled. 2013-03-13 12.01.01_small Swim lessons with the Mems! She is a great little swimmer. 2013-03-13 09.47.08_small Cousin play time! Grant was also very sweet to share all of his cars. 2013-03-12 20.41.36_small FaceTime with daddy! I am so grateful for technology and the ability that we have to keep in contact so easily! Spencer loves our phones…especially when we FaceTime family. Emma is really good at calling us in Utah – usually about once a week. 2013-03-12 18.31.59_small My poor boy needed a vomit barrier while he watched Baby Signing Time…again. 2013-03-13 15.47.03_small He was about as miserable as he’s ever been. 2013-03-13 19.51.53_small I dragged him along to a birthday for Ted Sowards. I was so anxious to see some of my friends again! We had a good time chatting and eating cake. Spencer was being a happy sweetheart most of the time. 2013-03-13 19.50.08_small Happy Birthday, Ted!

2013-03-13 22.52.46_small   It was so good to see Brein and Brandon again!! I love them.

2013-03-13 17.59.26_small This is what happens when you ask Grant to close his eyes to pray. He is too dang cute! 2013-03-13 15.59.53_small   More fun in the sun…selfie style. 2013-03-14 10.25.21_small Grant and Spencer were chatting it up in the car. 2013-03-14 09.59.55_small Cute Emma had sticker sequins that she wanted to use as earrings. She looks so mature. 2013-03-14 08.57.35_small Playing in the sandbox! 2013-03-14 07.49.40_small   Spencer was a very attentive audience to Emma’s violin practice. He loves music and instruments.   2013-03-14 10.36.32_small We went to a park with Crystal, Jaida, and all the kids in Gilbert. It was right next to the new Gilbert temple! I think it’s supposed to be dedicated this fall. 2013-03-14 15.24.39_small We went to Chandler Mall to get Grandpa’s iPad fixed. Emma came with and desperately wanted to play on the playground in the mall. We had quite a scare, because when we went down the escalator she didn’t follow us and got lost for a few minutes. She was running up the hallway and sobbing once Grandpa spotted her. Luckily, she was just fine.2013-03-14 13.37.59_small

This was his first big-boy bath time. He loved every second of it! He was being modest in the bathtub.

2013-03-14 13.37.54_small

He loves water, so much. I’m pretty sure he had to take this bath because he had vomit all over him. Poor thing.

2013-03-14 13.05.49_small

McDonalds ice cream run! This is a necessity in the hot Arizona weather.

2013-03-14 16.04.24_small

Beautiful Emma and Mister.

2013-03-14 21.35.36_small

 Spencer was sequestered to towels for awhile because of his vomiting.

2013-03-15 11.16.56_small

A blue-eyed horse!? I had no idea they existed. These guys are on Sharron’s property.

2013-03-15 11.15.29_small

Spencer thought they were…kind of interesting.

2013-03-15 11.15.20_small

I’ve missed Aunt Sharron so much. It was fun to be able to play at her house again before I left for the airport.

2013-03-15 11.22.18_small

Behind Grant is the fort that my amazing Uncle Wayne designed and built. We miss you, Wayne!

2013-03-15 11.22.28_small

Spencer really liked bouncing. We LOVED our trip to Arizona. We owe a huge THANK YOU to Tammy for being such a great host, as usual. We had so much fun with the Adams and all of our family and friends in my #2 home state. (Kentucky will always be #1.) It was sad to have a sick boy most of the time, but luckily he’s a great baby and still let me drag him around to the important events. We hope to get back soon!

2013-03-15 14.33.00_small

Airport waiting…ready to get this sick boy home!

2013-03-15 18.05.47_small

We were so happy to see Tom again!

2013-03-15 17.32.14_smallFor a moment, time is symmetrical. (Tom took this cool picture.)
2013-03-15 19.56.56_small

Spencer was happy to see his house and grandparents again!

2013-03-15 22.05.20_small  To celebrate our anniversary day on the 15th, we went to Arby’s and bought their new chocolate lava cake. Yum. I was too tired from a long week with a sick baby to bake our own. It’s a good new option!

2013-03-16 12.07.37_small

We took Spencer to urgent care again on Saturday, because he threw up again on Friday night. The doctor didn’t seem worried about him at all. She just said that his body is just not ready for full formula yet. We have been mixing his fomula with pedialyte. He likes that it is strawberry flavored, and fortunately he can keep it down.

2013-03-16 19.34.49_small

On Saturday, we had our first Bi-Monthly Encounter of Happiness with Tom’s friends from high school. The Kittermans, Rachael Campbell, Jake Erekson, the Parks, the Jensons, and the Skinners were all there with kids in tow.

2013-03-16 18.54.45_small

Kira had fun playing with Spencer. He was pretty grumpy, and we had to be the first to leave, but we still had a great time! I’m grateful that Tom has such awesome friends.

March 3-9, 2013

2013-03-06 20.01.19_small

At Spencer’s 6 month appointment, Dr. Wonnacott said that we should start having Spencer sleep on his stomach to help round out his head. WHA?! He *loves* his wrap, and I swear he can’t sleep without it. After Tom put him on his belly one time for bed (he was dead asleep), he has slept that way ever since!! He is the sweetest little angel. I was so worried that it would be super traumatic to break him of his wrap, but he proved to me once again what a perfect baby he is. He loves sleeping on his belly now!

2013-03-06 21.22.33_small

He also loves any kind of music. Aunt Brittany was singing him songs and he was in love.

2013-03-06 19.25.11_small

This was the first time he ate an entire portion of baby food. He loves pears, I guess!

2013-03-02 11.51.31_small_small

Guitar time with momma. We’ve learned a few kids songs together.

2013-03-03 19.19.35_small

Vantage. He has given up breast-feeding. He basically refuses to eat from me. It was sad at first, to lose that special connection. It’s so convenient to feed him bottles, though!! And he loves them.

2013-03-03 19.26.37_small

This is our adorable Beehive Presidency. We had a Beehive birthday, and so we made her this balloon veil for her door.

2013-03-04 14.03.13_small

Unfortunately, her door didn’t have a ledge. So the balloons got put on her bed. Haha. Happy Birthday!

2013-03-04 20.10.23_small

Trashy Tacos with the gang. Becky Lang is moving to Arizona in a few days, so we met up once again to celebrate friendship. We’ll miss you, Becky! Good thing it’s Arizona…we have a much better chance of seeing you there.

2013-03-04 13.44.56_small

Selfies with my boy.

2013-03-05 16.00.50_small

I was really sad when I lost the pacifier clip that I bought Spencer. So I decided to make some replacements. It was super easy, and each probably cost $2.00 (mostly because of the suspender clips). They have worked great!

2013-03-05 16.00.29_smallI love not worrying that we’ll lose pacifiers left and right.
2013-03-05 16.46.25_small

I also wanted to make him a lovey, since he’s not sleeping with a wrap anymore. I ended up sewing three, for about $3 each. What an easy and cute project!!

2013-03-05 16.52.40_small

He loves it already!

2013-03-05 16.51.42_small

He’s such a sleepy sweetheart.

2013-03-06 10.32.46_small

On Wednesday, we went to toddler story time at the Riverton Library. I thought he would love it! He was only interested in the kids running around, definitely not the songs or stories. We left early. 🙂

2013-03-06 10.32.36_smallMaybe soon he’ll be big enough to enjoy it.
2013-03-06 18.43.15_small

Teething toy…aka back massager.

2013-03-06 17.00.11_small

I saw a recipe on Pinterest for homemade thin mints and I couldn’t resist. So yummy! I love anything with mint and chocolate.

2013-03-06 15.04.01_small

Finally!!! Good enough weather for a walk. It was a gorgeous day. I loved every minute of being outside with my boy.

2013-03-06 14.16.40_small

He loved it, too! This was his first experience on a swing. He thought it was pretty darn awesome. He kept smiling and squealing. He loved going higher.

2013-03-06 13.58.06_small

My adorable little walking buddy.

2013-03-07 11.01.46_small

I swear he was trying to put the pacifier in the pandas mouth. He’s such a good sharer already.

2013-03-07 11.02.16_small

I am so happy that he loves this panda, because it was part of Tom’s marriage proposal to me. It gives me happy feelings and memories every time I see it.

2013-03-07 14.55.57_small

While I was packing for our trip to Arizona, Spencer wanted to do a little light Ensign reading.

2013-03-07 14.58.47_smallAnd then destroying…he was having so much fun, that I couldn’t bear to stop him.
2013-03-07 14.45.45_smallAll packed with our shared suitcase!
2013-03-07 17.59.16_small

Oh man. I love thai curry. Add pineapples, and it’s heaven!! This recipe was super easy!

2013-03-07 18.14.05_small

I ate it for about six meals. YUM!
2013-03-08 12.12.50_small

Eating pears out of a syringe. It’s a little less messy this way.

2013-03-07 18.43.30_small

He has decided that he likes his eyes covered when he sleeps.

2013-03-08 23.09.08_small

At the airport! This random lady decided that we needed to have a picture of all of us together – so she coached us through it. Please note Spencer’s fingers.

2013-03-08 16.36.19_small

This is the photographer. She came over to sit by us, since our sons were the same age. They were pretty interested in each other.

2013-03-08 16.35.00_small

Just going through security. 

2013-03-08 18.10.09_small

He ate and fell asleep for a little while on the plane. It’s only an hour and 19 minute flight, so it’s totally manageable. He did pretty good.

2013-03-08 19.30.13_small

Hooray! Home, sweet home. <3 Thanks for the great welcome, Tammy and Emma.

2013-03-08 19.30.30_small

Spencer wouldn’t stop staring at Emma. So she stared at him a little. Cute kids.

2013-03-09 13.35.56_small

Spencer loves watching the cars drive by on busy roads. Love those palm trees!

2013-03-09 13.35.52_small

This was Tom’s only request for the trip to Arizona. They have a delicious buffet!

2013-03-08 23.24.56_smallGreg and Tom all cuddled up during our late night.

2013-03-09 09.01.03

My little giraffe.

2013-03-09 14.32.50_smallMy big giraffe.
2013-03-09 16.32.46_small

We got to have a fun dinner with family at Sharron’s! JJ, Zach, Alex, George, Amber, Luke, Jonah, Tam, Greg, Emma, Grant, Sharron, Chloe, Lauren, and two of her friends were there with us. George and Spencer were fast friends…as Newells and Krebs usually are.

2013-03-09 16.32.33_small

I think that’s Jonah? George was giving sweet kisses. I think he’s about nine months.

2013-03-09 18.03.18_small

Swinging at the fort!

2013-03-09 14.22.13_small

Grandpa Hancock came over to Tammy’s, and we signed him up for Facebook!! It was so cute. He wanted to be able to see more pictures of his grandkids. He’s such a sweet and wonderful man.

2013-03-09 14.51.24_small

Uncle Jerry took Grandpa to scuba dive in South America this month. Can you believe that he’s 89 years old!? He’s an inspiration to us all.

2013-03-09 10.16.51_small

Emma said that they were the “puzzle pro girls!” It was so fun to be able to play with Tammy and the kids again. I’ve missed living in Arizona for that reason only. I hate being so far away from all my family.

February 24 – March 2

2013-02-24 18.43.47_small

We had a really nice Sunday evening dinner with Brian and Katie Abrams. He was my seminary teacher my freshman year of high school. They were in our Kentucky ward while he was in dental school. Now he’s our dentist! Their kids loved Spencer.

2013-02-24 19.25.34_small

They made us a delicious melting cake. Thanks for inviting us over!

2013-02-25 14.36.39_small

This boy wakes up smiling 95% of the time – I love him.

2013-02-25 14.42.53_small

He wants to climb already.

2013-02-26 11.46.00_small

I can’t believe my little man is six months old already! This is how his photo-shoot went…I guess he wanted to make the editing choices. He is the sweetest heart in the world.

2013-02-26 19.49.29_small

We had a sewing night for Young Women’s on Tuesday.

2013-02-26 19.49.33_small

A boy in our ward needed to make bags for his Eagle project.

2013-02-26 21.19.07_small

After mutual, Kate and Kylee came over to make a birthday present for Neisha.

2013-02-26 21.23.07_small

We had to get pretty creative when our balloons didn’t fit in the box, and we ran out of wrapping paper.

2013-02-26 21.26.09_small

Spencer was thrilled to have new cute girls to give him attention.

2013-02-27 14.57.29_small

My angel has decided that he can sit! He loves his new skill. I do, too! It’s fun to be able to sit him on the floor to play with his toys. What a big boy.

2013-02-27 17.35.23_small

He loves when I flip the camera around on us…he thinks that little boy he always sees is pretty cool.

2013-02-28 13.47.01_small

We went to Dr. Wonnacott for his 6 month check. He’s healthy and happy! He is in the 37th percentile for weight, 36th for head circumference, and 69th for height. I guess he’s a tall boy. 🙂

2013-02-28 16.36.57_small

He had to get shots, and he was pretty mad about it the rest of the day.

2013-02-28 19.06.18_small

This is the only picture we got from our fun night at Paul and Lindsay’s house. We ate this delicious pizza, and played Reverse Charades. It was a really nice night without the boy. Thanks mom for watching him!

2013-03-01 15.22.58_small

He still falls over sometimes…

2013-03-01 17.28.17_small

We decided to take a field trip to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. It was fun to get out of the house and do something different. I think Spencer liked watching the kids more than the fish, but he seemed to enjoy himself.

2013-03-01 17.29.06_small

He liked the big colorful fish.

2013-03-01 17.41.42_small

Our family goal is to do at least one outdoor activity a month. January was sledding in the snow. February was still cold, and Spencer hates the snow, so the aquarium was what we chose.

2013-03-01 17.42.45_small

My new boyfriend.

2013-03-01 17.43.20_small

Creepy alligators. Tom got some great shots!

2013-03-01 19.40.15_small

I wish this one was brighter, but we weren’t allowed to use flash. It was a pretty cool octopus.

2013-03-01 21.17.49_small

My sweet, happy boy.

2013-03-02 23.06.19_small

Spencer has graduated to the front of the cart! I am thrilled! As you can see, he was thrilled about it, too. Tom ran around the parking lot with him, and he was squealing with joy the whole time.

2013-03-02 23.53.55_small

I love my little family. So much.