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September 23-30, 2012

2012-09-23 11.02.19

Tom posted this picture to Ovaltine’s Facebook wall – and they used it as their “moment of the week” a few days later. His picture has gotten more “likes” than any other moment of the week for Ovaltine. Yep, that’s my adorable son.

2012-09-25 11.25.10

His poor little face had a lot of baby acne. He didn’t seem to mind, though.

2012-09-25 11.05.44

I thought this was hilarious and very true.

2012-09-24 17.18.01

I love gorgeous walking weather!! We went on a lot of awesome walks in the first weeks of his life.

2012-09-25 20.03.22

Family photo! I love them. So much.

2012-09-26 18.38.52

“Mom, dad put me in a bucket…again.”

2012-09-26 15.28.46

Little stud-muffin.

2012-09-26 13.49.33

He still looks so little in his carseat!

2012-09-26 12.39.23

This was the winning picture from Spencer’s one-month photo shoot. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by. I love him more than I could have every imagined. It is amazing to think that this perfect little being grew inside of me for nine months! And I didn’t have to do a thing (except eat). It’s the greatest miracle I’ve ever experienced.

2012-09-26 20.54.05

Tummy time. He can lift his head a tiny bit now.

2012-09-27 21.58.14

His eyes are a very indiscriminate color.

2012-09-27 14.07.19

Mr. Smiles

2012-09-27 13.22.26

This is his sassy-pants face.

2012-09-27 12.05.15

Aww, brotherly work love.

2012-09-28 12.33.46

DrivingSales has started having potlucks every Friday. Sometimes Spencer and I will join – if I’ve made something delicious to add to the meal.

2012-09-29 10.29.42

I love his little smile.

2012-09-28 18.59.34

Spencer must have had a rough night. Sometimes he gets fussy because of tummy aches. The tummy drops seem to work pretty well.

2012-09-28 17.25.56

I love this outfit! He looks like such a stud.

2012-09-28 17.25.52

He makes being a mom the best job in the entire world. He gives us so much gratification.

2012-09-29 10.39.43

Smiles for Grandma.

2012-09-29 21.28.57

Aunt Tammy sent a Halloween package!! I’m pretty sure I ate every single one of those pumpkins…just so that Spencer would in turn get them. 🙂 We are excited to put him in his new Halloween onesie.

2012-09-29 15.39.09

Four generation picture! These Bay men sure are handsome.

2012-09-29 15.19.09

It was so wonderful to see Grandpa and Grandma Bay again. We absolutely LOVED living in Arizona with them! They were probably our best friends while we were there together. Grandma invited us over for Sunday dinner about twice a month. We always had a blast playing games and laughing.

2012-09-30 16.56.54

We had another temple date night. Our goal is to go once a month. Thanks for babysitting, mom and dad! Life is beautiful right now. We are so blessed.

September 16-22, 2012

Almost a month old!

2012-09-16 13.51.29

He loves to sleep still! Luckily, his longest stretches are at night. He’s such a good boy.

2012-09-16 17.09.57

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon! Spencer and I haven’t gone to church yet. I think six weeks is when we’ll start bringing him. (Mom was waving at a neighbor.)

2012-09-16 20.42.38

Uncle Jimmy has some mad photography skills, so we asked him to take Spencer’s newborn pictures. He got some great ones in his makeshift studio. Thanks, Jim!

2012-09-16 21.05.34

2012-09-16 21.00.24-22012-09-16 20.38.422012-09-16 21.04.24-2

2012-09-16 21.00.34-1 2012-09-16 21.03.44-3 2012-09-16 21.03.04 2012-09-16 21.01.01-1 2012-09-16 21.00.42-22012-09-16 21.03.58-2

We think he’s pretty dang cute, with his little naked body.

2012-09-16 18.05.04

Grandpa Blodgett came over for Sunday dinner, and to meet his newest great-grandchild.

2012-09-17 12.00.48 copy 2

He smiles in his sleep all the time. The little angel.

2012-09-16 22.04.30

Can you get sweeter than that? I think not.

2012-09-17 12.01.47

More sleepy smiles.

2012-09-19 12.38.03

We visited dad at work. We sure miss having him work from home!! The new office is pretty nice, though. He seems happy to be there.

2012-09-18 09.12.00

He’s the happiest boy.

2012-09-17 19.46.50

Light-gazing with dad.

2012-09-17 14.27.55

My little man can’t get enough of fans and lights. He could stare for hours. I think he’s hoping the lights will turn into angels.

2012-09-20 12.02.29

He’s not quite interested in toys yet. But we try!

2012-09-20 20.39.18

Dad finds lots of fun places to let Spencer hang out and learn about stuff.

2012-09-20 18.01.28 copy

He’s not impressed with reading time.

2012-09-20 17.51.25

He loves the Baby Bjorn. So do I! Hands free baby cuddling!

2012-09-22 12.22.31

Spence commandeered dad’s computer pad.

2012-09-22 20.57.27

Double date night to The Chocolate! It was delicious, and loads of fun. John and Britt are the best company. Spencer joined, too.

2012-09-22 20.56.41

We love dates! And getting out of the house! It’s much harder with a baby, but totally worth it.

2012-09-22 15.00.07

I love these peaceful hands.


September 9-15, 2012

Week three with our precious little man.
2012-09-09 09.11.09

He has the sweetest face. He always seems to be happy, even though he can’t really smile yet.

2012-09-09 20.19.22

Cousin Torbin came over to play.

2012-09-09 18.14.27

Piano time with dad! He loves music.

2012-09-09 12.52.39

He scratches at his face a lot – we say that he has very busy hands. We keep his fingers covered most of the time to prevent too much pain.

2012-09-09 12.52.16

Having a newborn is a little tiring…

2012-09-09 23.05.46

He loves his Miracle Swaddle. It helps keep his hands pinned so that he doesn’t wake himself up prematurely.

2012-09-12 08.09.09

Tom sure loves his Ovaltine.

2012-09-11 20.52.41

I already feel like he’s been a part of our family for forever.

2012-09-11 05.34.57

Tom took this cool steamy picture when Spencer was sick. We had to keep the humidifier on all night so that he could breathe a little better. He is sleeping in his swing that Aunt Tammy passed on to us. I think we’ll keep him in our room until about six weeks….maybe eight.

2012-09-13 13.11.16

Our little railroad gangster.

2012-09-14 18.33.46

“Who the heck are you?”

2012-09-13 19.21.12

He’s got the sweetest spirit.

2012-09-13 18.13.45

The adoration for Aunt Brittany is unconfined.

2012-09-13 13.46.20

Tom and Jimmy created the “Bayliner Express” at work so that they could pass things between their desks. Genius! Those Bay men have a serious creative gene.

2012-09-14 19.08.23

We left the house! (For something other than doctors appointments.) We went to eat at Chin Wah, because it’s a Bay family favorite. It was my first time, and it did not disappoint. Grandma Blodgett loved Chin Wah, and would take the family.

2012-09-14 19.38.17

Spencer’s first night on the town! He was still a little sick, so I was hesitant to take him out – but I’m so glad we went! Delicious food warms the heart. 🙂

2012-09-15 11.58.02

Tummy time!

2012-09-15 11.33.37

Funny little faces.

2012-09-15 11.33.21

Mr. Serious
2012-09-15 16.11.23

Big pacifier. Little face.

2012-09-15 21.08.30

I love his perfect ears.

2012-09-15 22.33.38

Happy Eleven-Month Anniversary to me and Tom! We made our anniversary cake to celebrate. It was Spencer’s first time – he wasn’t too impressed.

2012-09-15 22.33.16We ate it with the whole family – and Cami Crump. Thanks for sharing in our celebration of marriage, everyone!

September 1-8, 2012

We are home with a baby! It is amazing, tiring, wonderful, painful, and the best feeling in the world.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it. Spencer is the best boy, and for that I am very grateful.

2012-09-01 10.03.59

Trying to figure out life with a baby! He is the most perfect little thing I’ve ever seen. We try to sleep as much as possible. He’s a really great sleeper. We feel so blessed to have his sweet little spirit in our home.

2012-09-01 19.09.19

He’s already giving us sass. 😉

2012-09-01 15.11.38

Uncle John and Aunt Jenna came over to play with Spencer! He’s a lucky boy to have so many people love him so immediately. We are lucky to have amazing friends!

2012-09-01 15.03.41

Gazing at her beauty.

2012-09-02 09.27.11

I think he has my eyes.

2012-09-02 13.05.08

Brein and Brandon Halbert were visiting from Arizona! What great timing! I am so glad that they got to meet our new little angel.

2012-09-02 12.32.44

I miss Brein so much! I need to get to Arizona as soon as possible.

2012-09-02 12.20.27

She’s a natural. <3

2012-09-02 09.59.35

“What is this place?”

2012-09-02 16.19.45

Ty and Stephanie Griffeth also came over for a visit the first week we were home. Stephanie is pregnant with their second. We are grateful to have so much love and support!

2012-09-02 16.28.06

I think Nathan liked him. 🙂 He’s such a sweetheart.

2012-09-02 21.44.06

His nasty, smelly umbilical cord finally fell off – so we gave him his very first bath. He seemed to like it! He’s such a calm and peaceful baby.

2012-09-02 21.48.38

Our clean little tired ducky.

2012-09-02 19.17.58

Sleepy times with Uncle Jim.

2012-09-02 18.47.09

It’s so nice that he’ll sleep anywhere! We love this “good boy” blanket that he’s wrapped up in.

2012-09-03 11.09.02

Cuddles with Grandma Bay. We are so blessed to be living here with mom and dad Bay – I don’t know how new parents do it on their own.

2012-09-02 22.49.33

He fits just perfectly in the footstool.

2012-09-02 22.43.41

Such a boy.

2012-09-02 22.04.17

He already found his thumb!

2012-09-03 13.05.25

Jethro and Stacy also came over for a visit with their cute kids. They are the most wonderful people! I have loved getting to know them. Tom sure has awesome friends.

2012-09-04 11.18.40

Cali, Katya, Tenzing, and Tom. Their baby is Eloise. Such great names!

2012-09-03 18.48.51

Becky Lang with the little man.

2012-09-03 18.22.41

Jami Voorhees gave him some loves as well.

2012-09-03 16.34.46

There have been so many times that he’s finished eating and had a milk drip like this. I think it’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

2012-09-04 11.12.34

Sleepy newborn.

2012-09-05 19.55.46

I just can’t get enough of that face!

2012-09-04 23.48.22

He has some amazing expressions. I love him so much!

2012-09-04 15.19.53

Smiles at a week old. We’re in for a treat.

2012-09-05 20.24.09

Precious hands.

2012-09-06 13.59.43

Well, I wasn’t super surprised, but after all of those visitors Spencer caught some kind of bug. It was the saddest thing of my life. He had a really hard time breathing because his nose was all stuffy. He was coughing and snorting and so sad. He got over it in about 10 days. But, as a new mom, sickness is the very last thing you want to happen. It broke my heart.

2012-09-06 13.42.51

Trip to Dr. Wonnacott. Poor little guy.

2012-09-06 14.01.57

Waiting in the doctors office.

2012-09-06 12.38.07

He even slept through another bath time.

2012-09-06 11.53.54

I was thrilled to death when my swelling went down and I could wear my wedding ring again!! I love my ring so much! I had to take it off about the last month, I think.

2012-09-07 09.03.01


2012-09-06 18.44.52

Grandpa Bay with the littlest babies. Zach is almost exactly three months older than Spencer.

2012-09-06 16.18.27

This was my favorite outfit of Spencer’s. He looked so dang cute.

2012-09-07 12.42.34

“What’s up?!”

2012-09-07 18.06.56

I could kiss these cheeks all day long!

2012-09-07 15.42.48

“Ew! The sun!”

2012-09-07 15.12.01

Pirate face.

2012-09-07 14.14.25

Sleepy times with Aunt Brittany.

2012-09-07 19.37.32

I was so bad at feeding Spencer – one night I used two hooter hiders, because I didn’t want to flash anyone. Tom thought it was so funny, he took this embarrassing picture. Now I can look back and laugh. 🙂

2012-09-08 18.04.46

Mom and dad watched Spencer so that we could get to the temple! Thank you! It was a wonderful date night. I was grateful to be able to sit and feel the calm and peace that the temple provides. Good thing Spence is such a perfect baby – I barely worried about him at all.

2012-09-08 09.43.30

I think his ears are perfect.

2012-09-07 21.37.54

Mr. Tiny Sleeper!