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August 31, 2012

Day Six! I am completely and utterly obsessed with this child. He is still perfect.

2012-08-31 11.27.27 2012-08-31 12.06.25

His umbilical cord was so nasty. It smelled really bad…like the rotting flesh that it was.

2012-08-31 12.25.48

I think it looks like he’s praying. Sweet boy.

2012-08-31 12.41.33 2012-08-31 12.58.55 2012-08-31 13.00.06

Such a pleasant child.

2012-08-31 13.08.12

Working with dad!

2012-08-31 16.41.39 2012-08-31 15.33.42

Tom went into their new office to have a team meeting. Exciting times for DrivingSales!

2012-08-31 13.13.19

Spencer’s first sponge bath! He didn’t seem to mind it too much. I can’t wait for his umbilical cord to fall off. Ew.

2012-08-31 13.12.37

He’s such a tiny little thing right now.

2012-08-31 21.23.48

Uncle John came to play! They did Wii games for awhile while we rested on the couch. I love having John back from London! He’s my only sibling in Utah right now – so we’re trying to see him as much as possible.

2012-08-31 20.32.44

Such a great dad. Such a great boy.

August 30, 2012

Day Five with our precious angel.

2012-08-30 10.23.29-1

I know that everyone says that baby smiles are caused by gas – but I don’t agree. I think I have the happiest child ever born.

2012-08-30 13.23.55That’s a lot of diapers for a five-day-old. We’re glad he’s healthy!

2012-08-30 13.15.30

Another trip to the doctor to get his blood tested for jaundice. :/

2012-08-30 13.50.16

Dr. Wonnacott checked him out. He’s healthy!

2012-08-30 12.07.44

I love him!

2012-08-30 12.07.35 2012-08-30 11.51.39

Such perfect little feet. He has his daddy’s feet.

2012-08-30 11.51.19

He loves his pacifier. I’m so grateful!

2012-08-30 11.49.042012-08-30 13.36.45 2012-08-30 19.12.57

It’s pretty tiring being born. And birthing.

2012-08-30 19.06.22 2012-08-30 19.06.15 2012-08-30 16.46.09

I was so grateful that Tom could work from home for the first few days. Spencer loved sleeping near his dad (while I slept in bed).

2012-08-30 16.41.47 2012-08-30 14.53.22

Spencer and Zach (3 months)

2012-08-30 14.19.02

Our first outing! Walmart was the store of choice.

August 29, 2012

Day Four of little Spencer’s life.

2012-08-29 11.10.55

He was slightly jaundiced, so we had to go in to Dr. Wonnacott to get his heel pricked. Poor little thing. He is very sleepy, and the sweetest child alive.

2012-08-29 13.30.35

2012-08-29 13.26.51 2012-08-29 12.52.11

Tom caught some really sweet smiles when we were leaving the doctor. He’s such an angel.

2012-08-29 12.52.07 2012-08-29 12.00.53

My wonderful mom stayed in Utah after his birth to help us for a few days. Thanks, mom! We love you so much. Her help was greatly appreciated.

2012-08-29 15.40.31

We will miss you, momma!

2012-08-29 12.00.50

Spencer loves his Grandma Krebs!

2012-08-29 11.11.132012-08-29 12.54.03

2012-08-29 13.16.21 2012-08-29 20.40.55 2012-08-29 20.23.27

He gives us the most awesome poses.

2012-08-29 17.38.16

The Kittermans came over for a visit!

2012-08-29 16.24.132012-08-29 20.46.03

Having his dad time.

August 28, 2012 – Heading Home

On the 28th, we were told we needed to leave the hospital by around noon. I was thrilled to go, because I just wanted to start our new life at home! The nurses coming into our room at all hours of the night was really annoying, too. I am grateful for nurses, don’t get me wrong, but after having a baby all I wanted to do was sleep! Not get my blood pressure taken and blood drawn. I was happy to wake up for the meds, though.

2012-08-28 08.26.13_small_small

Dr. Barney came into our room to check up on me and Spencer. He is a great doctor. We were looking good and cleared to leave. Spencer got his circumcision the morning we left the hospital. I had them take him to the nursery for that one. They said he did a great job! He doesn’t seem to cry unless he’s hungry or tired – I’m so grateful! We can take care of those two things pretty easily.

2012-08-28 11.54.22_small_small

We got Spencer all dressed and ready to go home!

2012-08-28 11.54.06_small_small

He needed a little snooze before we left. The sweet little thing.

2012-08-28 11.44.05_small_small

Tom with all of our gear! Thanks, honey.

2012-08-28 12.24.48_small_small

He looks so tiny in his huge carseat. Spencer did lose weight in the first few days – which is normal. His bilirubin count was high, so we had to go to Dr. Wonnacott the next day to get his heel pricked and checked for jaundice.

2012-08-28 12.24.41_small_small 2012-08-28 12.14.59_small_small

Hooray! We’re going home! Having a baby was the first time I’ve ever slept over in a hospital. The stitches I got on my chin when I was five is about the only other reason I’ve been to the hospital for myself. So, I was ready to leave.

2012-08-28 12.14.39_small_small

This little man was ready to leave, too.

2012-08-28 11.59.49_small_small 2012-08-28 11.59.00_small_small

2012-08-28 12.35.31_small_small

Home, sweet home – on his very own changing table! We are so grateful, and feel so blessed to have him in our home with us.

August 28, 2012

Day three with a precious baby.

2012-08-28 14.18.19

I just couldn’t edit through these pictures! I want to publish every single one! I love this little man more than I could have ever even imagined. He is so sweet and peaceful and calm and loving. He is perfect in every single way.

2012-08-28 23.13.19 2012-08-28 21.19.33 2012-08-28 20.25.07 2012-08-28 20.24.03 2012-08-28 16.42.31 2012-08-28 14.18.312012-08-29 08.03.31 2012-08-29 08.36.13 2012-08-29 08.35.45 2012-08-29 08.32.44 2012-08-29 08.32.43 2012-08-29 08.31.39 2012-08-29 08.29.25 2012-08-29 08.20.56

August 27, 2012

Two days for Spencer Thomas!2012-08-26 18.37.56_smallIt was a perfect Monday, with my adorable two-day-old baby boy. I love his sweet angel face. He is eating like a champion, and sleeping about as much as you could expect any baby this young to sleep. We love him so much! He was loving his dad’s face. When he was awake, he was very alert and curious. Such a sweet boy.

2012-08-28 10.42.30_small_small 2012-08-28 10.42.18_small_small 2012-08-28 07.39.57_small_small

He has slept really well in his wrap. Thanks, Tammy!!

2012-08-27 19.17.38_small_small 2012-08-27 18.48.00_small_small 2012-08-27 18.46.39_small_small

Little guy in a big bed.

2012-08-27 18.46.21_small_small 2012-08-27 14.10.15_small_small

2012-08-27 08.51.48 2_small 2012-08-26 22.57.50_small 2012-08-26 19.50.35_small

Tiny and perfect little fingers.

2012-08-26 14.43.30_small 2012-08-26 12.51.20_small

Spencer Thomas Bay

2012-08-26 12.09.46_small 2012-08-26 12.09.39_small 2012-08-26 12.07.44_small

Family Picture! We are complete, now.2012-08-26 11.16.00_small2012-08-26 11.15.54_small 2012-08-26 11.06.32_small 2012-08-26 11.05.52_small 2012-08-26 11.05.48_small

August 26, 2012 – Family Love

A few hours after Spencer was born, the family came over to the hospital to see our little man.


Uncle Jimmy does not love hospitals, so I was really grateful when he came and had a good experience with Spencer.


You never feel more glamourous than when you’re in a hospital gown.

2012-08-28 05.10.51_small_small

Uncle John came, too! He lives in Provo.

2012-08-27 21.18.02_small_small

I love our family, so much! We received flowers from DrivingSales. Tom works for a wonderful company.

2012-08-27 20.28.56_small_small

Mom Krebs with the little angel.

2012-08-28 13.03.01_small_small

Tammy and Greg had to leave to drive to Arizona around 11am. I was extremely grateful that Tammy was able to be in the delivery room when Spencer was born. Great timing, little guy!

2012-08-28 13.02.25_small_small 2012-08-28 13.02.17_small_small

We all had our UK shirts on! Go Cats! (Technically, mine was just in my bag.)


Grandpa and Grandma Bay

IMG_9899_small_small IMG_9895_small_small IMG_9906_small_small

Three generations

IMG_9943_small_small IMG_9945_small_small IMG_9937_small_small

I didn’t feel great. Tom is a wonderful support.


Beautiful Aunt Brittany

IMG_9934_small_smallIMG_9929_small_small IMG_9926_small_small IMG_9914_small_small IMG_9912_small_small IMG_9910_small_small IMG_9965_small_small IMG_9966_small_small IMG_9967_small_small IMG_9962_small_small

Greg was able to stop by the hospital before their drive. Thanks Greg and Tammy! I was so sad that Emma wasn’t able to meet Spencer before they left. The hospital doesn’t allow any children under the age of 12 into the rooms – even siblings!

IMG_9960_small_small 2012-08-26 21.10.00_small

Uncle Jon and Aunt Anna came to see the sweetheart, as well.

2012-08-26 21.09.33_small 2012-08-26 18.38.34_small 2012-08-26 18.33.45_small

Changing his diaper! Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma!

2012-08-26 18.38.25_small

It was a wonderful (and tiring!) day. Happy Birthday, my little angel baby. You have a lot of family that loves you very much!

August 26, 2012 – He’s Here!

**Warning: Graphic Images**

He’s here! Our perfect son is here! He was welcomed into the world at 8:53am on Sunday, August 26th, 2012. He weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce, and was 21 inches long. He is sweet and peaceful, and has already brought us so much joy. We are going to name him Spencer Thomas Bay.

2012-08-28 13.03.14_small_small

2012-08-28 13.03.24_small_small 2012-08-28 13.03.19_small_small IMG_9850_small_small

It was such a relief to have him out of me! The nurses immediately let me hold him skin to skin. It was a deeply spiritual moment for me, to know that this little spirit came straight from Heavenly Father to our home. He has entrusted me and Tom with one of His precious children. And for that I am so grateful.

IMG_9846_small_small IMG_9841_small_small IMG_9839_small_small

I can’t believe that little man just came out of me! It is a miracle. And absolute miracle.

IMG_9834_small_small2012-08-28 13.03.35_small_small

I was still in a lot of pain, and on a lot of meds – basically it was a very emotional moment. Tom was able to cut the umbilical cord.

IMG_9873_small_small IMG_9872_small_small IMG_9869_small_small IMG_9867_small_small

Getting his stats taken, and all cleaned up!

IMG_9866_small_small IMG_9865_small_small

I vividly remember the last moments before the doctor pulled Spencer out. I looked over at Tom and he was crying, I was crying, I’m sure mom and Tammy were crying. It was a tremendous feeling to know that we were bringing a new little soul into the world.

IMG_9862_small_small IMG_9859_small_smallIMG_9858_small_small IMG_9857_small_small IMG_9852_small_small IMG_9851_small_small IMG_9903_small_small

He is a very proud daddy. It makes me love him even more than I already did.

IMG_9892_small_small IMG_9890_small_small

IMG_9887_small_small IMG_9886_small_small IMG_9884_small_small IMG_9881_small_small IMG_9875_small_small IMG_9948_small_small

Our new little family.


Crazy hair. Crazy smile. I just pushed a human out of me.

IMG_9945_small_small IMG_9959_small_small IMG_9956_small_smallIMG_9954_small_small IMG_9952_small_small

We couldn’t be happier.


We love you, Spencer! You are one lucky boy to have been born into a home where you will be loved and taken care of for the rest of eternity. Since your dad and I were sealed in the temple on our wedding day, you are born into that covenant. You are ours forever.

August 25, 2012 – And so it begins!!

**This post contains a lot of details. Read at your own risk.**

When we went to see Dr. Barney on Thursday (the 23rd – my due date), he decided that he wanted to induce me. He was going to be out of town the next week and wanted to be there for the birth. He told the hospital that I needed to be induced because I had high blood pressure (little did they know that it was only at one visit, the entire pregnancy). So the nurse scheduled me to be induced on Saturday night, the 25th. It was such a relief to know when the baby was coming! I am a very scheduled person, so this turn of events made me very happy. No more wondering! I was a little nervous to be induced, because of all the extra medications I would be on, but I trusted my doctor that everything would be fine.

2012-08-25 19.16.54

We were told to check into the hospital around 7pm. It’s baby having time!! The Riverton Hospital is really nice and new (and 3 minutes away). I was very grateful to be able to have my baby there.

2012-08-25 23.25.57

I invited my mom and Tammy to be in the delivery room with us. Best decision ever! I needed their support more than I knew. Tammy and Greg were supposed to drive back home to Arizona on Saturday, but she postponed the trek so that she could be there when our boy was born. She’s the best sister! I was able to be in the delivery room when Emma was born, and it was an amazing experience. If Tammy could do it, I can do it!

2012-08-25 23.21.31

Still smiling before the contractions set in. I was very lucky, and the first drug that they gave me put me into labor (it was meant to just get things thinned out and ready to go). They never even had to give me the Pitocin that they were planning on. I was also given sleep meds, since they didn’t even start my induction until about 9:00pm. Dr. Barney is very merciful.

2012-08-25 21.11.46

They had a snack room with delicious slushy drinks. We were having a pretty good time, so far.

2012-08-25 19.57.18

The view from my bed.

2012-08-25 19.46.33

We had some great nurses. Unfortunately, I couldn’t pick one of them out of a line-up. I was so drugged up. As far as I can remember, the contractions started to be close together around midnight. It wasn’t too painful yet – except near my tailbone. I think it’s because I broke it a few years ago.

2012-08-26 02.07.15I’m so glad that I can see the clock in this picture! The anesthesiologist inserted my epidural a little after 1:00am. Thank you! The only thing I remember about him is that he looked really young, and had on BYU paraphernalia. I was so out of it though, that I didn’t even comment on it! Go Cougars. 


Please excuse the leg – but this is the only picture we had of Dr. Barney. I’m guessing that he came into the room around 7:30am after hours of contractions. I slept a little bit once the epidural kicked in. I couldn’t feel the contractions too much, except for in my tailbone. This is when I started to have a shooting pain through my neck and back. I couldn’t move my head. It hurt so bad – way worse than the contractions. I was shaking from all of the meds and adrenalin. I was crying like a baby because of the pain. Having a baby hurts! The doctor had no idea why I was having the pain in my neck, but I was given more medication to try and help ease it. I think it had something to do with the epidural, but who knows. The whole time this was happening, I was being told to push. I couldn’t feel anything, so that was a very difficult task.


I was so grateful to have my mom there. Knowing that she had done this seven times somehow helped me to gather the strength to keep pushing.


Tom was amazing. I’m so glad that I never got crazy on him and yelled or anything. 🙂 He was feeding me ice chips and being very sweet and supportive. I’m sure all the crying about the pain worried him a little. I now know that I am a complete sissy when it comes to pain! Dr. Barney kept telling me to push, and I kept saying that I didn’t know how when I couldn’t feel anything and I couldn’t move my neck to bear down. He finally helped my efforts with forceps.


About 8:30am on Sunday, August 26th – The final minutes before our little one entered the world…

August 24-25, 2012

Tom’s birthday was August 21st. He turned 32 years old! We were up north at the reunion, so when we got home, we had a Bay family celebration at home.

2012-08-24 17.29.27

We went swimming and had a BBQ. Tom got some fun Adventure Time stuff from Jimmy and Brittany. That is one big baby!

2012-08-24 17.43.20

I got him a new drill. He’s been missing his old one.

2012-08-24 20.21.45

32! I made a red velvet cake. The frosting didn’t quite turn out the way it’s supposed to. Sorry, honey. I should have let your mom make it.

2012-08-24 20.22.30

Torbin helped with the candles.

2012-08-25 16.32.56

On the 25th, we went swimming with the Adams before we headed to the hospital to have a baby!