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July 29-31, 2012

2012-07-28 20.26.11_small

Tom went with a few of his friends to see Neil Diamond in concert! He said it was a pretty good concert. Mostly, he had a great time with the boys.

2012-07-28 22.20.17_small

The arena.

2012-07-29 19.23.27_small

Look who was driving through Utah! I was so thrilled when Brynn called and said that they might be able to stop by on their way to a family reunion. She had little Corwin just a few weeks before. It was so fun to meet Corwin and talk to Jeff and Brynn for a little while.

2012-07-29 19.09.07_small

Luckily, we had some Sunday dinner left for the travelers. I wish Brynn lived closer!! I miss her a ton. I’ll take any time we can get!

2012-07-29 18.40.48_smallCorwin was trying out Harold’s swing. He had a long day of traveling, and was pretty sad.
2012-07-29 19.09.03_small

Tom looks great as a dad! Corwin is such a sweetheart.

2012-07-30 21.44.24_smallWe frequently have delicious desserts, thanks to Pinterest. I love baking. A lot.

July 22-28, 2012

On the 22nd, we had a Bay family celebration for my birthday.

2012-07-22 17.41.17_small

Zach couldn’t believe that I was 28! 😉

2012-07-22 19.52.56_small

That is a lot of candles.

2012-07-22 18.31.52_small

It’s not natural to be so pregnant with such a little baby. Good thing you have at least ten months in between!

2012-07-22 18.31.48_small

Torbin loves trains, so this is a familiar sight in our home.

2012-07-22 19.53.50_small

Mom made me my very favorite mint ice cream cake. YUM!

2012-07-22 19.54.01_small

I made my wish!….that this baby would come stat! (It didn’t come true.)

2012-07-22 20.15.08_small

Opening fun gifts! Thanks, everyone.

2012-07-24 19.30.11_small

We had Jethro and Staci Jones (plus kids) over for a BBQ and swimming. It was a really fun afternoon!

2012-07-24 18.38.25_small

They have the cutest kids! There were wasps EVERYWHERE outside, so we ended up moving the food inside the house.

2012-07-24 18.38.22_small

More hotdogs from the Ween!

2012-07-24 18.27.41_small

We soaked a watermelon with sprite. It was…not as good as we had hoped. Very interesting, though!

2012-07-26 17.23.03_small

They are prepping the new DrivingSales office!

2012-07-26 16.14.01_small

It’s starting to look great!

2012-07-25 07.50.37_small

Elder Krebs is still in London. He’s heading home in a few short weeks! We can’t wait to see you, John!! Only four days until the 2012 London Olympics.

2012-07-26 22.02.35_small

As soon as John gets home, Elder Bay will be leaving! He opened his call on the 28th in front of loads of his friends and family.

2012-07-26 22.00.45_small

He has a lot of people that love him!

2012-07-26 21.43.10_small

All of the grandparents were there in support.

2012-07-26 22.06.23_smallHe’s going to GHANA!! He was thrilled that he doesn’t have to learn a language. He will be a fantastic missionary. He reports to Ghana on November 30th, so he has a few months to prepare.

July 15-21, 2012

2012-07-15 15.07.40_small

We started teaching primary on the 15th. We teach the 9-10 year olds. They are a pretty cute group! Very talkative, but cute.

2012-07-16 11.42.40_small

Sunday afternoon singing time with Grandpa Blodgett. I hope Harold likes the music!

2012-07-15 21.00.52_small

I love our Sunday family walks. Since exercise is pretty hard nowadays, I really like walking.

2012-07-15 19.26.40_small

We made our anniversary cake on the 15th, as well. Happy nine months of marriage to us!

2012-07-15 19.26.13_small

 It is so delicious. Makes me think of the honeymoon cruise every time.

2012-07-16 15.34.54_small

Gorgeous summer rain showers.

2012-07-18 11.07.11_small

I’ve almost made it to month nine! About five weeks left.

2012-07-17 18.52.33_small

We had new-taste Tuesday with The Timms, Becky, Jami, and Kitty. I don’t remember what the restaurant was called, but it was really good.

2012-07-17 19.58.45_small

Afterwards, we went and got Hawaiian Ice! YUM!

2012-07-19 11.04.34_small

Happy Birthday to me! On July 19th, I turned 28. I got to start the day with an OB appointment. I was still not even close to having a baby. One more month!

2012-07-19 09.33.43_small

I woke up to these awesome balloons in our bedroom. Tom made my birthday such a special day. He is a wonderful husband. He took most of the day off, and we had some fun adventures.

2012-07-18 22.16.28_small

 Trying out my amazing birthday present!! I have a feeling I’m going to live in this thing.

 2012-07-18 21.28.43_small

Tom was testing out my birthday present, too. 🙂 It has a really sweet massage button.

2012-07-19 10.47.55_small

Pretty often, I notice that the time is 10:47. The house I grew up in is 1047 Rockbridge Road, so every time I see that time I think of home. I snapped this screenshot, because it was 10:47 on my birthday. 🙂 Haha.

2012-07-19 12.42.46_small

One of my best friends, Brein, sent me a box of Ale8One for my birthday! It is the Kentuckian’s water. She is so good at giving gifts! She’s in AZ, so I miss her a lot.

2012-07-19 23.13.08_small

Tom bought me beautiful flowers. Thanks, honey.

2012-07-19 16.42.31_small

We went to an afternoon showing of Moonrise Kingdom. We both loved it.

2012-07-19 16.26.40_small

We ate a delicious lunch, and also had Gelato at Jordan Commons.

2012-07-19 19.09.03_small

In the evening, we met up with Matt and Corinda at Boondocks for a birthday night of fun! We mini-golfed first.

2012-07-19 18.50.58_small

Elsie got to join in on the fun. She was a great golfer!

2012-07-19 19.09.11_small

It was the perfect day for mini-golf. It even sprinkled on us a little. I love rain.

2012-07-19 19.17.40_small

They had this cool spinner that made the mini-golf game more exciting. I’m pretty sure that on this round one player was supposed to stand in front of the hole. Good times!

2012-07-19 19.09.21_small

It proved difficult to swing my arms around this belly.

2012-07-19 22.03.14_small

I won this totally sweet hammer with all of our tickets.

2012-07-19 20.41.07_small

I was nervous to bowl, because of my pregnant body – but it was fun! I’m sure I did terribly.

2012-07-19 22.04.11_small

Thanks for the amazing birthday, family! I had a wonderful day. I am so grateful for the incredible life that I have been blessed with.

2012-07-20 20.22.55_small

I am so ready for this baby to get here. Hurry up, little man!

2012-07-21 11.06.14_small

Tom and dad installed our kitchen cabinets! It was a huge job, but they had organized tools so it all went smoothly. 😉 THANK YOU!!!

2012-07-21 11.07.40_small2012-07-21 13.08.35_small 2012-07-21 12.18.33_small 2012-07-21 11.45.50_small

2012-07-21 14.14.25_small

They are beautiful!

July 8-14, 2012

On July 10th, we invited “US” over to the house for a BBQ! It was so much fun to see my best friends from BYU days. We all met in Helaman Halls our freshman year – CJ was our RA. Everyone brought their kids, and we had a blast with swimming and catching up on life. 2012-07-09 18.29.25_small

Naomi, Leo Sabey, CJ, and her daughter CharlyAnn

2012-07-09 16.56.05_small

Swimming fun with the Carters, Fongs, Bays, Sabeys, and Eubanks.

2012-07-09 18.37.14 2_small

Go US! Jen, Omi, Cameo, Me, Ceej. This is our signature pose. 🙂

2012-07-10 19.51.09_small

Levi is married! He seemed so happy – the happiest I’ve ever seen him. His beautiful wife’s name is Courtney, and they seem like the perfect match. This is at their reception up near Logan.

2012-07-10 19.47.08_small

Just practicing being a mom with baby Zach. “Peace out, everyone.”

2012-07-12 12.12.49_small

Tom went to a banquet to receive an award for DrivingSales!

2012-07-12 12.42.39_small

They are one of the Top 25 companies in Utah under five years old. Go DS!

2012-07-13 17.12.29_small

Matt and Corinda came to Utah for the summer. We got to play with them a few times (they were up in Logan most of the time). On the 14th, we met up in SLC for some Temple Square fun. They have such a cute little family.

2012-07-13 17.00.05_small

Sweet Elsie is about seven months old.

2012-07-13 16.07.07_smallThe gorgeous SLC Temple.

2012-07-13 17.37.46_small

The Krebs in front of the temple.
2012-07-13 17.13.09_small

I love beautiful little Aliya. She is four years old now.

2012-07-13 20.40.38_small

And you can’t forget adorable little JoJo (2 years), with his cute crossed eyes. He inherited that from his dad. Usually he has glasses on to correct the problem.

2012-07-13 19.25.16_small

Yummy ice cream at McDonald’s.

2012-07-13 19.24.55_small

I love her curly hair!

2012-07-13 20.40.48_small

They drove through Riverton and spent a little time with us at the house.

2012-07-13 20.44.50_small

Fun in the basement.

2012-07-14 16.01.36_small

Green day!

2012-07-14 09.08.13_small

This is the only picture we had to remember the funeral that we attended for Joe Niederhouser, one of Tom’s best friends from high school. (I took this picture to get the address.) It was a very tender funeral, with thoughts from family and open mic time for his friends. Tom stood and shared some funny and sweet memories of his friend, Joe. It was an inspiring morning. We went to lunch afterwards with a lot of the high school crew.

2012-07-14 21.45.31_small

Our home is starting to get put together. Even the baby swing is ready for Harold to come!

We Are All Weird

We Are All Weird: The Myth of Mass and the End of Compliance
by Seth Godin

This was a quick read. Actually, it was a quick listen while I mowed the lawn and weeded. In any case, I liked this manifesto better than Tribes, a much longer work by Godin.

The book begins by defining a few terms: Mass, Normal, Weird and Rich. The first three words are pretty standard – Mass refers to working in mass. It’s what has made us efficient. Mass production, mass marketing, mass compliance. Normal is what we call the people in the middle. It’s a localized term referring to what most people do. Over time, marketers have made normal a moral and cultural standard. Weird refers to people who are not normal.

Rich was the most intriguing of the words defined and featured by Godin. He says that Rich is his word for someone who can afford to make choices, who has enough resources to do more than merely survive. As more and more of the world becomes Rich, it creates a bigger divide in
Normal – more people are making more decisions that lead away from the Mass, away from Normal, to Weird. People are getting increasingly NOT normal. They’re getting Weird.

I kept thinking about how it has occasionally been said about Mormons that we are weird. And as members of the LDS church, we generally acknowledge and appreciate this assessment. Godin would probably congratulate us on this point of view.

But to get back to the book, Godin is a marketing guru – he wrote this book from a marketing perspective and is addressing a marketing question. “What are we going to do about the increasing tide of weird?” How do we change the way we are marketing? Do we continue to market to the masses hoping that enough of them will respond to your products and advertising? Or do you stop worrying about the mass and start looking at the weird? Do you market to the groups that form themselves around the breakoffs? The departures? The fanatics?

This did change my perspective about a few things. I think we’ve been trained that we need to make our products and services appealing to the widest or largest market segment possible. We try to dumb down or generalize what we have to offer in order to sell to a larger audience. But I see Godin’s point. Perhaps the smarter way is to find the people who are not the mass – find the ones who aren’t Normal, but Weird and find ways to serve and service their communities. It doesn’t have to appeal to everyone. You’ll likely find success because they’re not everyone.

Godin also spends a chunk of this book talking about education and how it’s broken.

Overall, I really enjoyed this little book. I feel like it brought up some things I hadn’t ever considered and changed my perspective on mass market thinking and general marketing approach.

July 1-7, 2012

 It’s July! I love July. Probably because it means summer vacation, my birthday, swimming, BBQ’s, and almost having a baby!

2012-07-03 15.46.23_small

There were some crazy fires up in the mountains at the beginning of July. Nobody was hurt, but a lot of land and homes were damaged.

2012-07-04 14.17.23_small

Fun times.

2012-07-04 14.21.51_small

Sibling love.

2012-07-04 13.58.55_small

We had so many leftover hot dogs from the Ween-O-Rama! We tried to use them in any way possible. 🙂

2012-07-03 19.48.27_small

My sweet husband bought me a recliner for my birthday (Tammy says they are a must with a baby). We went shopping at Big Lots, since that’s where my couches are from. We were hoping to find a matching recliner. This is the best we could do. I love it with all of my heart.

2012-07-04 18.11.46_small

Happy Independence Day!! We had a fun family BBQ and swim party for the 4th of July. We didn’t do fireworks or anything, but we definitely had a great day of celebration. We are so grateful to live in America with all of our political and religious freedoms.

2012-07-04 18.11.18_small

The grill-master. We cooked some cool spiral hotdogs.

2012-07-04 18.39.21_small

Zach is about six weeks now!

2012-07-04 20.10.59_small

 Fourth of July treats! Yum.

2012-07-04 16.35.36_small

We found Tom’s “missing” scrapbooks!!! His mom made them for him years ago, and he wasn’t sure where they were. It turns out they were just in a box of his stuff in the basement. Our son is going to be so adorable!

2012-07-05 10.24.55_small

Month Eight! I was getting pretty huge, but still comfortable enough to say I was having an easy pregnancy.

2012-07-05 10.25.10_small

Only about seven more weeks to go!

2012-07-06 09.32.07_small

Shopping spree at Babies R’ Us!

2012-07-06 10.50.30_small

I built Harold’s crib. I almost did it myself, but ended up needing Tom’s help. I think it’s beautiful. All six of our kids will love it.

2012-07-06 12.34.50_smallLittle Zach was testing it out for us. He seemed to think it was okay.

2012-07-05 21.48.09_small

Making a balloon arch for one of mom’s young women.

2012-07-07 06.55.59_small

We started ordering Bountiful Baskets. They give us so much delicious produce for only $15 a week. This is the pick-up site.

2012-07-07 12.18.51_small

Saturday building project! This is a shed for the pool pump and tools.