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June 30, 2012 – The Ween-O-Rama

Happy Ween-O-Rama XIV!!

2012-06-25 22.47.31_small

We are doing specialty dogs this year. Yum.

2012-06-25 22.47.39_small

Delicious Mac&Cheese Dog

2012-06-28 10.55.04_small

Nick Park drew us this awesome coloring page for the kids.

2012-06-30 07.19.32_small

Dad designed and built a condiment tray for all of the extras. It was perfect!

2012-06-30 07.20.04_small

Thanks, dad!

2012-06-30 08.26.13_small

The finished project.

2012-06-30 12.54.56_small

Prepping all the food.

2012-06-30 15.32.26_small

Doing a little sign design. Thanks, Jake and Kitty!

2012-06-30 16.41.32_small

Ween-O-Rama ——> This way!

2012-06-30 17.43.31_small

Getting all set up…

2012-06-30 18.14.12_small

Hot Dog Eating Contest!

2012-06-30 18.14.16_small 2012-06-30 18.19.43_small 2012-06-30 18.19.46_small 2012-06-30 18.19.51_small 2012-06-30 18.19.54_small2012-06-30 18.19.58_small 2012-06-30 18.20.03_small 2012-06-30 18.22.02_small 2012-06-30 18.22.08_small

Grandpa Hancock and Dad Bay cooked all of the hot dogs.

2012-06-30 18.22.15_small 2012-06-30 18.23.38_small 2012-06-30 18.23.47_small 2012-06-30 18.23.58_small 2012-06-30 18.26.16_small 2012-06-30 19.02.51_small 2012-06-30 19.54.40_small

Raffle Prize drawings. Ty Griffeth did a great job of announcing everything.

2012-06-30 19.54.44_small2012-06-30 19.54.50_small 2012-06-30 19.54.53_small 2012-06-30 19.54.58_small 2012-06-30 19.55.04_small

Nice shirt, Jake!!!

2012-06-30 19.55.35_small 2012-06-30 19.55.54_small 2012-06-30 19.56.02_small 2012-06-30 19.56.48_small 2012-06-30 19.56.55_small 2012-06-30 19.57.32_small 2012-06-30 19.57.50_small2012-06-30 20.05.30_small

Foosball Tournament.

2012-06-30 20.05.33_small 2012-06-30 20.05.35_small 2012-06-30 20.05.41_small 2012-06-30 20.05.47_small 2012-06-30 20.06.20_small

We had lots of sodas!

2012-06-30 20.06.27_small

And chips…

2012-06-30 20.06.34_small

And treats…

2012-06-30 20.06.40_small

And side dishes…

2012-06-30 20.06.42_small

And condiments…

2012-06-30 20.06.49_small 2012-06-30 20.07.30_small2012-06-30 20.07.36_small 2012-06-30 20.07.40_small 2012-06-30 20.10.43_small 2012-06-30 20.10.51_small 2012-06-30 20.10.54_small 2012-06-30 20.19.28_small

Weener’s Got Talent!

2012-06-30 20.22.57_small 2012-06-30 20.23.06_small 2012-06-30 20.34.30_small

Playing in the park.

2012-06-30 20.42.05_small 2012-06-30 20.50.17_small 2012-06-30 21.04.45_small

Our registration table sign.

2012-06-30 21.16.16_small

Sidewalk chalk was a huge hit with the kids!

2012-07-01 21.37.16_small_small

I think Jimmy ended up winning it all.

2012-07-02 10.03.40 2_small_small

And Micah won the hot dog eating contest. Ew.

2012-07-04 10.50.49_small_small

Cutest little hot dogs.

June 24-30, 2012

2012-06-24 18.57.21_small

Relaxing Sunday afternoon nap. Tom took this cutie picture.

2012-06-26 12.01.28_small

This is one of the reasons that I love living with mom and dad Bay! I kept reading that swimming is the best exercise for pregnant women. I was happy to do it! I love swimming, I love the sun, and I am so grateful for this beautiful pool and view.

2012-06-25 11.29.22_small

 I am willing to pass two Super Wal-Marts to grocery shop at this Neighborhood Wal-Mart. It’s about 7 minutes away, and totally worth it. I shopped at a Neighborhood Wal-Mart in Arizona. I am a creature of habit.

2012-06-26 21.49.28_small

Piano times! The Bays also have a beautiful piano.

2012-06-28 10.36.16_small

On June 28th, my cousin Levi got married!! I feel so lucky that I was able to attend the wedding. It was a very (very) small event, but a few of their friends weren’t able to go at the last minute so my mom and I were invited! It was beautiful, and I am so happy for them! Courtney and Levi seem like the perfect match.

2012-06-28 11.03.50_small

Uncle Jerry, Levi, James – looking handsome, Hancock men!

2012-06-28 11.02.55_small

The Hancock’s sure are a beautiful family. (Grandpa, Rachel, Jerry, Levi, Courtney, Lori, James, and Annie)

2012-06-28 10.57.20_small

Looking happy with Grandpa.
2012-06-28 11.27.13_small

We’re not sure where Jerry and all of his kids get their height….definitely not Grandpa. 😉

2012-06-28 13.34.05_small

We also got to attend the luncheon right after the ceremony. It was delicious. I sat right across from Levi and Courtney. The whole event was at The Tuscany near Holladay.

2012-06-28 13.02.43_small

Kyle, Paul, and Jimmy editing for DS.

2012-06-29 17.44.13_small

On the 29th, Mom and I drove up to Logan to see Matt, Corinda, and the kids for the afternoon. They were in town all summer.

2012-06-29 17.45.59_small

Elsie is the sweetest girl!

2012-06-29 17.48.20_small

So is Aliya.

2012-06-29 20.47.01_small

That night, we partied it up at Levi’s reception near Logan.

2012-06-29 20.44.47_small

Grandpa, and his gems.

2012-06-29 20.44.17_small

Levi convinced Courtney to ride the bike in her dress. It was…pretty cool.

2012-06-29 20.57.38 2_small

Us with the happy couple.

2012-06-29 21.03.50_small

Everybody, dance!

2012-06-29 21.00.46_small

They were nice and sweet with the cake. I am really grateful that Levi is so happy. I love seeing him smile. Thank you, Courtney!

June 17-23, 2012

Well, we officially live in Utah.

2012-06-17 13.14.09_small

June 17th was Father’s Day! Harold got Spencer these awesome tie hangers for Father’s Day. He is such a thoughtful baby-fetus. Tom has a lot of ties that needed a place to be seen! We sure love this dad. He has proven to be a great Father already in how much he loves this little man-child that is growing inside of me. We went to church with Dad Bay at his branch, and Tom spoke. It was a beautiful and thoughtful talk about Fathers.2012-06-19 17.32.10_small

I am loving this gorgeous walking weather and view! I will admit…I missed this green that is mostly absent in Arizona.

2012-06-17 19.25.18_small

We had a fun dinner and afternoon of games with Bill and Cori and their kids.

2012-06-17 17.16.07_small

I think Zach is about three weeks old, here. He is such a sweet baby! It makes me very excited to see what my little man is going to look like.

2012-06-19 21.29.41_small

We ended up making our anniversary cake on the 17th instead of the 15th – since we were moving and all. Yummy, yum, yum.

2012-06-21 18.02.04_small

Tom was absolutely thrilled when my Dell laptop completely bit the dust. I was really sad. It lasted me about five years – and I really loved it. Thankfully, dad Bay was able to save all of my pictures, videos, and documents. My amazing husband immediately bought me a new Mac!

2012-06-21 18.01.55_small

I think he was already sick of me “borrowing” his computer for a minute while he was trying to work. I love it.

2012-06-21 18.03.12_small

It’s an incredible machine. Thanks, Tom!!

2012-06-21 10.20.24_small

Tom “went in to work” a few times during June. They met in Paul and Lindsey’s basement. I guess it was a little chilly sometimes. Looking cute, Lindsey!

2012-06-22 14.27.13_small

Out to lunch with the DrivingSales team.

2012-06-19 22.13.44_small

Our fantastic new OB, Dr. Barney, found a way to let us get another ultrasound of the baby! I LOVED being able to see how perfect my sweet angel is already. He has the most perfect little profile, fingers, toes, hair, everything. I can’t wait to meet him!
2012-06-22 20.34.18_small

Date night at the Oquirrh Mountain temple!

2012-06-21 19.26.12_small

Jimmy agreed to make a new video for the Ween-O-Rama. They entitled it “Ween Slap.” These pictures were taken during production.

2012-06-21 19.25.51_small

The basis for the video was that Kitty ran around slapping people in the face with hot dogs. Pretty hilarious. Go to for more.

2012-06-23 10.58.14_small

Doing a little Saturday afternoon Ween-O-Rama planning. Basically, it took over our lives for about a month beforehand. I’m sure it will be a success.

2012-06-23 17.04.31_small

Working on the shed! Tom is so manly.

2012-06-23 16.00.48_small

He learned everything he knows from dad! It’s going to look great.

June 10-16, 2012

My beautiful sister, Tammy, threw me a baby shower before we left for Utah. It was great timing, because my mom was in town for a few weeks. I didn’t want anything that took too much planning (since she just threw me a bridal shower less than a year ago). We went to Cafe Rio, and used their party room. It was perfect! It was great to be able to say goodbye to my favorite friends and family.

2012-06-28 11.35.47_small

Happy Baby Shower for Harold! Whenever I opened a gift, Emma got really excited and said, “Oh! Harold is going to LOVE that!” She’s going to be the most confused when we don’t actually name him Harold. 🙂

2012-06-28 11.35.42_small

Jaida made the baby this gorgeous blanket! The pattern she used was from a blanket used in a show called “Once Upon a Time” that we both love.

2012-06-28 11.35.04_small

Yep, that’s a baby in there.

2012-06-12 20.34.21_small

Sweetie Emma.

2012-06-12 20.34.02_small

I’ll miss you, Brein!!

2012-06-12 20.03.41_small

Stephanie Krebs, Sharron, JJ

2012-06-12 20.03.29_small

Mom, Jaida, Crystal, Tam

2012-06-12 20.03.19_small

Brein, Shauna Tondevold (who was 8 months pregnant), and Amber (who just had twins!)

2012-06-13 13.05.33_small

Trying to pick a name…here’s the short list.
2012-06-16 23.10.45_small

 I stole this t-shirt from Tammy when I was in middle school. She got it in 1991 (21 years ago!!), and I’ve been wearing it ever since. It’s turned out to be my favorite pregnancy t-shirt. Thanks, sister. 🙂

2012-06-14 15.24.40_small

Thursday, June 14th was cleaning and packing the truck day! Dad Bay flew into town to help pack and drive the U-Haul with Tom. Since I was hugely pregnant, Tom let me fly to Utah instead of drive. We owe a big thanks to my mom, dad Bay, Tammy, and Glen for helping so much!

2012-06-14 15.24.04_small

Scrubbing the garage! Thanks, dad.

2012-06-14 14.42.05_small

Scrubbing the bathroom. Thanks, Tam!

2012-06-14 14.41.55_small

Scrubbing the kitchen. Thanks, momma!!

2012-06-14 14.38.13_small

It was hard work, so we let them have breaks once in awhile.

2012-06-14 13.35.49_small

Great moving, guys! Thanks, little Glenny!

2012-06-14 13.24.04_small

Muscle woman!

2012-06-14 13.23.15_small

Packing up the last of it…

2012-06-14 15.26.26_small

 The chore chart is all complete! (It was awesome to know what we had done and what was still left to do in each room.)

2012-06-15 07.33.26_small

My beautiful little home, all scrubbed and ready for the renters. I will never forget the adult experiences I had as I was buying this home as a single woman. It wasn’t easy, in fact it was one of the most stressful times of my life. But it was definitely worth it. I love this townhouse a lot. And I was so grateful that we had a nice place to live when Tom and I got married. Hopefully, it will bring joy for years to come. Maybe we’ll retire in Arizona and live here. 🙂 I will miss it.

2012-06-14 16.08.13_small

Nothing better than a shoe-pillow. He was that tired.

2012-06-14 15.25.12_small

 Good thing mom taught us how to clean.

2012-06-14 12.22.49_small

 To celebrate being done, we ordered Venezia’s pizza. My favorite!!!

2012-06-09 12.51.15_small

 And then we did a little swimming to cool off. Thank goodness for pools in the summer.

2012-06-14 19.56.08_small

 We had our goodbye party at Tam’s on Thursday night. Tom and dad drove away on Friday morning with the U-haul.

2012-06-14 19.55.55_small

Em is going to miss her favorite Uncle!!

2012-06-15 07.50.40_small

All set to drive to Utah!

2012-06-15 07.58.50_small

Goodbye to everything we own. I was so grateful that it all fit, and their drive went smoothly. There was just one scare when they almost ran out of gas. Oh, and when they thought the car had come off the ramp.

2012-06-15 20.46.40_small

Tom took this beautiful shot from the road.

2012-06-15 07.46.44_small

My mom and Grandpa Hancock drove my Civic to Utah for us a few weeks later. Thanks, mom!!

2012-06-16 09.31.55_small

I hung out with mom, Glen, Tam and the kids on Friday and then flew to Utah on Saturday the 16th. Living in Arizona was one of the best experiences of my life. For six years, I taught and lived the single life in the sunshine state. I will never forget the ups and downs, the exciting times and the boring times. I love Arizona, and I always will.

2012-06-16 09.31.29_small

Sweet Grant.

2012-06-10 15.49.12_small

The piano was welcomed with open arms into the Adams home!

2012-06-15 09.39.31_small

I took Emma to her Fairy Dance class on Friday when we were all just hanging out.

2012-06-16 11.53.49_small

Dad and Tom got to Utah safely on Friday night, and on Saturday morning they unpacked the U-haul before I flew into town. This is our storage unit in Herriman. Packed to the rafters.

2012-06-16 11.53.55_small

Tom has a wonderful support system of men who gladly helped with the move. Dad, Jimmy, Jake, Jonny, and Jethro are the ones I know of that came to the rescue. Thanks, everyone! The move was a success. Sad, but successful. I’ll miss you, Arizona!

June 1-9, 2012

It’s June! Summer and moving month. We tried to get as much fun stuffed into the last two weeks we were living in sunny Arizona as we could.

2012-06-01 19.55.45_small

Date night with Brein and Brandon! We went to dinner and a movie. I love them!

2012-06-02 15.44.14_small

As you can tell, it was a little hot outside. We went to an old ghost town for the afternoon. It was quite the adventure. Tom took some awesome pictures.

2012-06-02 17.55.59_small

In the bathhouse…

2012-06-02 20.43.29_small

We love field-trips.

2012-06-02 20.41.03_small

Tom was a little naughty, so he got put in the cage.

2012-06-02 19.55.41_small

The old church.

2012-06-02 19.46.20_small

The bakery. It was a neat little town!

2012-06-02 09.05.47_small

Basically, I spent all my spare time packing while Tom was working. we have too much stuff. Luckily, our Neighborhood Walmart saved some boxes for us. It was nice to have them mostly the same size. My organizational dream come true.

2012-06-02 08.23.59_small

I “rented” for free this piano for the last two years. A friend helped me make a connection with a couple that was moving out of the country – and they wanted a good home for their piano. I was more than happy to oblige. The only problem was getting it up and down the stairs.

2012-06-02 08.45.15_small

We hired some men to come move it for us – to Tammy’s house! She was thrilled to get a free piano. We still have no idea when the couple is going to want it back.

2012-06-03 09.51.12_small

2012-06-03 10.59.17_small

Month Seven! Two more months to go until we meet our little angel boy.

2012-06-05 18.00.59_small

We also took a field-trip this week to Butcher Jones park and lake. It was a beautiful night, and the water was the perfect temperature for a little swimming. We also “hiked” some around the lake.

2012-06-05 18.39.58_small

I will miss the beauty of this dessert.

2012-06-05 18.00.35_small

I love fun dates with this handsome man!

2012-06-03 19.18.20_small

I made a yummy strawberry cream pie for Sunday dinner at Tammy’s house.

2012-06-08 14.33.41_small

We took a break from packing to play with Uncle Glen and Grandma at the Augusta Ranch pool. Emma is an awesome swimmer!

2012-06-08 09.05.20_small

I love that sweet little face.

2012-06-07 11.13.47_small

It will be sad to not be able to see these sweethearts whenever I want. I’ve lived by them their whole little lives. Good thing Arizona isn’t too far from Utah.