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May 27-31, 2012


Random picture of when Aunt Sharron had surgery on her shoulder, and we went over to “babysit” and help if she needed anything. I have loved living close to Sharron. She is an amazing woman.


Just driving down the road…and voila! There is the gorgeous new Gilbert temple. It is going to make such a difference when it is finally dedicated. The Mesa Temple is way over flowing all the time. What a great blessing to the area!


Baby registering time!! Tom did not have the best time…but it had to be done. Yay for good parking, at least.

2012-05-29 10.32.58_small

A new name, but the same picture they took on my first day of training to work for Mesa Public Schools. It is a huge district, but I had a good experience working for them. (Except for the fact that in six years of teaching, I never moved up the pay scale because of freezes. I guess I was never in it for the money.)

2012-05-29 10.00.08_small

I was taking pictures of some memories, so that I could throw them away. I love this one from Alex.

2012-05-28 16.20.45_small

We went to see “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” with Shauna and Taylor Tondevold. They are the best! We have loved getting to know them in our Arizona ward. She is due about six weeks before us. Ps, I absolutely loved the movie. I laughed, I cried, it was awesome.

2012-05-28 08.55.42_small

I love our Augusta Ranch neighborhood. I was so lucky to find a cheap home in this beautiful area. Walking on perfect Arizona days was my favorite.

2012-05-27 16.29.29_small

My view of the boy. He’s growing fast! Three more months!

2012-05-27 14.20.03_small

Speaking of babies, we had a nephew born on May 26, 2012 to Jon and Anna! He is Zachary Torbin Bay. Another healthy and perfect baby to join our family – we are blessed.

2012-05-27 14.19.45_small

Anna looks great! I hope I look that great right after childbirth. 🙂

2012-05-27 14.19.41_small

This is what Torbin does when he is overwhelmed. I guess having a new brother born was a little overwhelming for the sweet little guy.

2012-05-27 12.55.33_small

I think he likes him! (All these baby pictures were sent via text from Utah.)

2012-05-19 16.03.31_small

“Babysitting.” It is about one of my favorite things ever to go and hang out with Emma and Grant. Especially when we can swim!

May 20-26, 2012

Tom’s home from Italy, hooray!

2012-05-21 09.16.50_small

He bought this adorable jacket for our future son. I love it. I’m sure Harold will, too.

2012-05-24 14.15.05_small

We had the very last day of school on May 24th, 2012. I wanted to take pictures of my lovely, clean, organized classroom. It was all set for the next teacher. Such mixed emotions! I was thrilled to be done going in to work every day, but sad to leave the first (and probably last) school I’ve ever taught at. Highland Elementary is a fantastic school, and I will miss the teachers and kids a lot. I will not miss the stress of teaching.

2012-05-24 12.55.51_small

This is adorable. I love it so much. I’m pretty sure it’s from JC.

2012-05-24 14.15.09_small

I was lucky to have such a nice portable to teach in. I was always very comfortable there.

2012-05-24 14.49.49_small

The fourth graders got to have a water day – I will miss these cuties. (Nicole, Kayla)

2012-05-24 14.48.22_small

The view from my door. The playground got pretty noisy at times, but it was fun to be right next to it when I wanted to let my kids play. 🙂

2012-05-24 14.48.20_small

The back of the school. The grass was rarely green.

2012-05-24 14.15.15_small

My desk! The Special Ed department bought us all laptops my last year. It was wonderful. Not that I ever took it home or anything. I had a strict “no working at home” policy. It helped me maintain my sanity.

2012-05-24 15.06.55_small

This little one made SO MUCH PROGRESS over the two years I had her. She finished the year reading, and doing complicated math…in first grade! I’ll miss her cute face. (Brianna)

2012-05-26 10.34.42_small

To celebrate the end of school, we took a weekend trip to Grandpa’s cabin up in Forest Lakes, Arizona. It is heaven on earth. Perfect weather, nice relaxing environment, I love it there.

2012-05-26 10.28.46_small

Grandma Hancock is now buried behind the cabin on Grandpa’s property. It’s nice to be so close to her! (She passed in August 2011.)

2012-05-26 09.04.31_small

I think we were relaxing and watching a show. Cutie Emma.

2012-05-26 10.40.25_small

Wild Horses right next to the cabin.

2012-05-26 11.12.26_small

I love this precious angel.

2012-05-26 11.05.59_small

Tire swinging! It was a little more difficult, being so pregnant.

2012-05-26 11.00.49_small

Jacob’s Lake, not looking its best.

2012-05-26 10.43.36_small

We always take the chance to “hike” around the property. It’s too beautiful.

2012-05-26 11.14.25_small

Sweet little Grant – Tammy’s kids sure are adorable.

2012-05-26 17.45.33_small


2012-05-26 17.44.44_small

They tried, and succeeded after awhile, to fly this cool kite. The kids loved it.

2012-05-26 17.14.59_small

He’s going to be the best (and most handsome) dad!

2012-05-24 19.16.48_small

We got this picture in the mail from when we went to the Mesa Easter Pageant. We had fun taking Emma to meet the cast members. It is always a beautiful show, and a great spiritual experience.

May 13-19, 2012

 This is a big week – Mother’s Day, and my last day of teaching (with students)!

2012-05-13 14.05.05_small

We had a Google Hangout with Elder Krebs for Mother’s Day! I love technology, so much. John’s mission has been way easier, because we at least get to talk to his face twice a year instead of just hearing his voice. Pretty amazing. He is loving London, and is the best missionary!

2012-05-13 17.28.54_small

The men in the Bay home hung up this sign in the kitchen. It was very sweet. Also, it was harder than expected to not be able to go in the kitchen. 🙂 I had a wonderful first official Mother’s Day. Our little baby-fetus was good to me.

2012-05-15 08.41.14_small

I think I’ll miss school assemblies most of all.

2012-05-14 14.22.10_smallThis picture was taken in the DrivingSales green room, where they do the videoing.
2012-05-15 11.28.10_small

 Tom went to Italy with Jared Hamilton this whole week. He will be doing that post later. I took this picture so that he didn’t miss me too much. 🙂

2012-05-17 09.28.41_small

Last day with these funny kids. I bought them all books and let them pick one that looked cool to them. I wrote little notes in each one, so that hopefully they remember me. (Alexa, Karli, Bobby)

2012-05-17 13.21.47_small

This is how I always kept lesson plans. The last day with my students was a pretty easy day to plan. 🙂 I always let them pick the treats and movie for our parties.

2012-05-18 09.05.08_small

Accelerated Reader assembly.

2012-05-18 09.18.20_small

Kendall, Kennedy, and Sadie

2012-05-18 10.49.30_small

Gerardo, Wyatt, Brianna

2012-05-18 10.05.04_small

Kennedy, Sadie, Kendall, Austin, Gerardo, Chase

2012-05-18 12.39.30_small

My amazing husband sent me flowers from Italy for my last day with students. He is the most thoughtful man alive.

2012-05-18 13.04.19_small

Alex, JC, Nikki, Alexa, Kayla, Bobby, Austin – I don’t know how much I’ll miss teaching, but I will most definitely miss these cute faces every day.

May 6-12, 2012

2012-05-06 15.43.59_small

Month Six! (Sassy pose, for Tom)

2012-05-06 15.46.22_small

I sure love this little man inside of me!

2012-05-06 15.48.11_small

And I love THIS man next to me!

2012-05-06 16.38.41_small

I made Tilapia for the first time! Grandma Bay gave me her delicious recipe. It was pretty good, considering I don’t like fish.

2012-05-06 15.48.23_small


2012-05-09 15.27.16 2_small

Ha! Tam sent us a lot of cute things for Harold. We sent her a postcard thank-you from him.

2012-05-08 11.38.27_small

My classroom! They were playing Bingo. [Raymond, Kendall, Sadie, Austin]

2012-05-08 11.38.42_small

 I taught in this portable for six years. I loved that room. So much fun, learning, stress, and joy.

2012-05-09 18.51.01_small

I took a couple days off, and we flew to Utah for the weekend! Mostly, it was to see Becky and her girls. It just happened that Mother’s Day was the same weekend. And they threw me a family baby shower!

2012-05-09 19.58.17_small

 On the plane. We love traveling!

2012-05-11 11.49.29_small

We bought these stools for Mom Bay for Mother’s Day. I was put in charge of building them. They are perfect for the kitchen!

2012-05-10 19.43.40_small

My radiant husband. He is already so good at sharing his happiness. I love him for that. I don’t have any more good pictures of this night, but we all went to the temple and did sealings. It was a neat experience. We were only missing Jimmy!

2012-05-10 09.35.48_small

Working on the pool shed with Brynn and Claire.

2012-05-11 17.55.07_small

A cool new toy for Brynn. 

2012-05-11 19.50.52_small

The boys, playing with Brynn’s new toy.

2012-05-11 19.01.46_small

Uncle Jonny is the best.

2012-05-11 18.10.44_small

Cutie little Clairey-boon.

2012-05-12 08.17.52_small

The adorable baby shower decorations!

2012-05-12 10.45.01_small

Food time at the shower.

2012-05-12 11.26.20_small

Anna was just a few weeks from her due date with boy #2.

2012-05-12 11.26.12_small

It was fun to get to know Tom’s family better at the shower. Thanks, mom, Anna, Becky, and Brittany for throwing it!!

2012-05-12 10.45.06_small

I’m so grateful for incredible friends like Jenna. She is amazing.

2012-05-12 11.26.46_small

Lots of fun chatting…

2012-05-12 12.26.22_small

Harold and I are so spoiled!

2012-05-12 12.56.35_small

Dad Bay just poured these new cement stairs. They are awesome! 

2012-05-12 12.09.38_small

Torbin LOVES this fire truck.

2012-05-12 13.06.55_small

Grandpa, working on the pool equipment for the shed.

2012-05-12 16.31.00_small

Mom took me, Becky, Brittany, and Anna to get pedicures for Mother’s Day. Brynn and Claire felt a little left out – so Uncle Jon and Uncle Jim painted their toes for them!

2012-05-12 16.31.53_small

They win the best uncles of the year award!

2012-05-12 14.41.30_small

The Bay men, hard at work. 

2012-05-12 20.24.03_small

We also had a birthday party for Jonny while we were there. It was Bob the Builder themed. 🙂

2012-05-12 19.55.21_small

Yummy beans from Cafe Rio.

2012-05-12 18.23.37_small

Brynn is getting to be such a great gymnast!! She was perfecting her handstand.

May 1-5, 2012

My last month of teaching! One more month until the big move to Utah. My pregnancy is going well. DrivingSales is great company to work for. Life is pretty simple and happy right now.

2012-05-03 18.59.11_small

Tom looking good in my belly holder…so that I can exercise. I actually took it back, because it was more uncomfortable than just walking. I had to stop working out very hard pretty early, because I was getting weird cramps.

2012-05-02 19.21.48_small

Tom was called to be a Deacon’s Advisor in our Mesa Ward (Augusta Ranch 1st). He liked the boys a lot.