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April 22-30, 2012

2012-04-22 17.03.33_small

Five months still.

2012-04-22 17.04.07_small

I feel lucky that it’s been a pretty easy pregnancy. Hopefully, he’s a pretty easy baby!

2012-04-29 14.47.13_small

We like sending postcard thank-you’s. Julia (Holbein) and her husband Jake Miller came over for dinner one night, and they gave us these cute gifts for the baby!

2012-04-29 14.45.16 2_small

More cute gifts. I’m a terrible person, and can’t for the life of me remember who gave it to us. Thank you, friend!

2012-04-30 16.56.30_small

My first baby-belly casualty. Many more to come, I’m sure.

2012-04-29 19.59.04_small

We love hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa in Mesa! They are our best friends here. So tech-savvy, too. 🙂


They had this sweet birds nest outside their front door. (I won’t tell you that one of the babies ended up falling out…)


The Blodgett’s came to Mesa! We went to the pool, and had a fun time with their cute family.


Aunt Sharron is the best woman I know.


We keep it fancy around here. I used to make wraps like this a the Museum of Art Cafe at BYU. It was a fun job.


The Adams invited us over for FHE! We had a lesson about Noah’s Ark, and then painted our own arks.

IMG_1789_smallTom’s interpretation.

My interpretation.


Greg’s interpretation.

April 15-21, 2012

2012-04-15 21.46.26_small

 Five months!

2012-04-15 20.28.52 2_small

 He’s getting bigger and bigger!

2012-04-15 15.19.28_smallBeautiful Arizona.
2012-04-15 20.35.01_small

Happy six month anniversary to us!


 I love this man more and more every day.

2012-04-20 12.50.38_small

He’s the sweetest husband.

2012-04-26 10.34.14_small

Rainy Arizona days are better than just about anything I can think of…

2012-04-25 14.25.37_small

This makes me laugh every time! I love these funny kids. He had no idea he had spelled his name wrong.

2012-04-28 15.43.39_small

I went to a baby shower for Shauna Tondevold. We have loved getting to know them! I think she’s about six weeks farther along than me.

2012-04-30 17.29.12_small

Elder Krebs made it into the Conference Ensign! I miss his face.


This is in memory of our favorite restaurant in Mesa – India Oven. Their Naan bread is delicious. It was a buffet.

April 8-14, 2012

Happy Easter! We are so grateful for the Savior on this beautiful weekend.


The Bays always hide their Easter baskets, so Tom is much more experienced than I am. The funny thing is that I hid his basket first and when he went to hide mine he was going to hide it in the same place I had chosen! Great minds think alike. We had to pick new spots. It took me awhile to find mine under/behind our guest bed.


Tom found his pretty easily in the dryer.

2012-04-08 10.11.26_small

We were both spoiled by the Easter bunny!

2012-04-08 10.09.33_small

 Yummy treats.


We were asked to sing in our ward’s sacrament meeting on Easter. It went well! I’m grateful to be married to a musical man.

2012-04-08 16.20.33_small

 We had a delicious Easter dinner at Aunt Sharron’s with Tam and her family. Grant and Tom were both looking handsome in their Easter best!

2012-04-08 09.35.27_small

This is a flashback scrapbook page, from when I spent Easter at the Bays house in Kentucky! My basket was hidden in the couch. I can’t remember why my family left me on Easter, but I think it had something to do with me having rehearsals for a play. I had a wonderful weekend with my future husband’s family. 🙂

2012-04-15 21.51.52_small

This is another flashback picture from our Youth Conference Trek in Kentucky. It was after my freshman year at BYU, and Jonny had just gotten home from his mission. I figured I’d throw it in here.

2012-04-13 18.04.39_small

We had to try the new Taco Bell Doritos Locos. Pretty good!

2012-04-10 19.10.18_smallAnd I played Chess for the first time. I was doing great. Until I lost. Tom is way smarter than I am.
IMG_1691_smallSmall world. Tom works with Jeff Pease (lives in Utah), who is the uncle of two of the boys in our Arizona ward. 

This was a youth activity that Tom attended for his calling. It was a mission prep activity – they went to different houses and had to learn a mission skill. At this house they had to eat something that looked a little sketchy.


We got a package from the Beckstrands!

2012-04-06 11.08.40_small

It had some pretty cool stuff from the girls, and a cute outfit for Harold. Thanks, Beckstrands!

2012-04-06 11.14.38_small

Tom loved the coloring pages and stickers.

April 1-7, 2012

 This was the best week!! Dara Hanrahan, my best friend from high school days, came to visit us in Arizona! It was such a blast doing all of the fun Arizona things with her. PLUS, some NCAA final four games as well. It was perfect.

2012-04-01 14.34.29_small

FIrst off, we had General Conference weekend. There were a lot of great and uplifting messages, as usual.


Tom bought us this adorable puzzle to complete while we were watching Conference.

2012-04-01 19.54.54_small

We took a hike at Camelback Mountain. I have never done this, and it was beautiful. Since I’m pregnant, and it’s harder to move now, we only did a short hike. Not the whole mountain.

2012-04-01 18.41.16_small

King of the Hill.


Arizona can be so beautiful in all its desert glory.

2012-04-01 20.19.16_small

I can’t believe that’s my shadow.


Dara looks like a natural Arizonan, she should move here!


Prepping for the big UK game!


We were definitely getting in the spirit of things. What else are best friends for?


We went to this bar in Scottsdale with the UK Alumni group to watch the Final Four NCAA game, and then the FINAL championship game. GOOO CATS! It was a lot of fun to be surrounded by all the Arizona Kentuckians. 🙂


We love Kentucky! True Blue through and through!

2012-04-02 19.52.13_small

We won the whole NCAA National Championship! Go UK! It was a pretty big deal.

2012-04-02 20.42.32_small

Yeah, we’re #1!!!

2012-04-01 20.18.10_small

 We took a trip to the Desert Botanical Garden – also a first for me.


They had a butterfly pavilion. It was very peaceful.


 And this cool thing…


We definitely had a good time walking around.

2012-04-03 13.05.20_small

THEN, we took the four hour drive up to the Grand Canyon! It was definitely worth it. It is a majestic sight. Tom and Dara had never been, so it was fun to share the beauty of Arizona with them. (And it was nice to wear a sweatshirt.)

2012-04-03 12.32.46_smallWe had a little picnic for lunch.
2012-04-03 14.12.51_smallOn the edge.


No, honey! Think of the baby!

IMG_1627_small IMG_1626_smallWe took a bus tour of the canyon. We walked a little bit – but mostly rode from point to point.
IMG_1636_small IMG_1631_small

We took a short hike a little ways down into the canyon.

IMG_1645_small IMG_1641_small

I love my husband.


And I love Dara!


This was a pretty cool look-out point.

IMG_1646_small IMG_1665_small

Can you even believe that view?



IMG_1657_small IMG_1676_small

There was a neat little train station.

IMG_1674_small IMG_1668_small IMG_1677_small

I am so glad that we took the drive!! Thanks for coming to visit us, Dara! It was a wonderful weekend.


On the 7th, we went to the Temple Easter Pageant with the Adams. Emma was loving the live animals walking around.


 The audience and stage. It is a great and spiritual performance. I have to say that it’s not as amazing as the Hill Cumorah Pageant…but it’s still pretty good. 😉