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March 2012 – Dara and Emily

We love having visitors in Arizona!


We had a fun family gathering to welcome Emily and Jackson to Arizona. She was here to visit with her mom while she went to a doctor conference.


Playing dolls. What a great dad.


Grandpa Hancock holding Jackson, such a sweet man.


We love having Brennan and Lauren around! They are living with Aunt Sharron while Lauren goes to Law School.


Yummy Rosa’s! I love sweet Grant.


Jack and Emily at their hotel. Tom and I went to visit.


He is about four months now.


Tom and Jack – he was able to calm his crying with lots of movement and walking around. He’s going to be the best daddy!


Dara came to visit, too!! For her Spring Break she decided that she needed to get a trip in to Arizona before we moved. She bought this adorable sweatshirt for the baby. I love her!


He’ll be the cutest CATS fan around!

2012-03-31 16.11.11_small

I went with Dara to a bar in Scottsdale to watch the NCAA National Championship games. The UK Alumni Association met there. It was actually a lot of fun to be surrounded by so many Kentuckians and CATS fans.

2012-03-31 14.55.54_small

Hey, honey. ūüôā

2012-03-31 14.20.22_small

We took a little wander around the Desert Botanical Gardens. It was beautiful.

2012-03-31 14.17.10_small

Arizona isn’t always brown and ugly. I’ve really grown to love the beauty of the desert.

March 2012 – Oregon

Tom and I got to take a Spring Break trip to Oregon to see Jeff and Ashlee and the boys. It was a blast.


The twins at the airport.

2012-03-18 12.45.51_small

We made a deal with Amber that we would help her fly the boys to Oregon while Aaron was out of town. It turned out to be an easy flight! I’ll go to Oregon any time, if I get to fly with friends.

2012-03-15 18.48.47_small

Cute Amber. I love her.

2012-03-15 18.48.39_small

Tom was great with the babies!

2012-03-16 10.41.21_small

We had a warm welcome!

2012-03-16 10.40.33_small

Excited to see Oregon beauty for the first time.


We brought treats.


 Jeff and Ashlee took us to the Wildlife Safari! It is always a good time. Tyler was just milking a cow. No biggie.


The Ostriches always creep me out. They get so close to the car!!


I love being able to see the animals up close and personal…as long as they don’t attack the car. ūüôā


Sleeping bears.

2012-03-18 12.53.46_small

Wild boys!

IMG_1442 2_small

 We were scared to be hugging a bear.


 Pretty cool bird house!


¬†Riding a turtle…he was pretty slow.


From the top of the playground.

2012-03-17 11.28.18_small

 Cutie Will. He has so much personality.


They also took us on a day trip to the coast. It was a tad chilly and overcast, but so gorgeous. We loved being on the ocean!


Love this beautiful Krebs family!


 We took a short hike up to a lighthouse. Too bad it was under construction. The view was still breath-taking.

IMG_1415 2_small

 Building on the rocky beach.


¬†It’s true. I love Tom.


¬†You can’t beat Oregon scenery.


Beautiful bridges.

2012-03-16 13.57.36_small

 This bird liked the structure the boys built.

2012-03-16 13.47.40_small

¬†Now, they’re trying to build a bridge. They succeeded, but I didn’t get the picture.

2012-03-16 13.05.55_small

 Boys, sticks, sand, and water. You can beat it.

2012-03-16 13.03.57_small

 Handsome Benny.

2012-03-16 12.34.53_small

¬†We got to eat at Mo’s for lunch. It was yummy! (I still don’t love Clam Chowder…sorry.)

2012-03-16 12.25.45_small

This kid sure loved the Clam Chowder, though. He’s a great eater.

2012-03-16 12.25.38_small

I love this boy. He’ll always have a special place in my heart, since he was the first grand-baby.


Me at Mo’s.

IMG_1474_smallUnder construction lighthouse.


Beauty of the coast.


¬†It was St. Patricks day, and the boys set a trap for the leprechaun! They didn’t catch him, but he sure left candy!


 Story time with my sweet boys.


 I guess reading so many books tuckers you out.

IMG_1456_smallPlaying a little Angry Birds. I was terrible. Ben was awesome.


The Newell’s house in Eugene. We stayed there at the beginning and the end of the trip, since that’s where the airport is.

2012-03-19 18.18.48_small

 Handsome Sunday outfits.

2012-03-18 13.22.42_small

 He looked lovely in my headband.

2012-03-18 13.22.01_small

They are the cutest.

2012-03-18 12.55.18_small

We got to watch some good basketball during March Madness. There was no way Jeff would let us miss a UK game. No way.

2012-03-18 12.48.39_small

 He still looks like Uncle Wayne to me. I love that face.

2012-03-17 16.22.21_small

Knock ’em dead, Ben!

2012-03-17 09.20.32_small

¬†Green omelets for St. Patricks day. ūüôā

2012-03-17 09.19.13_small

 Watching the games.

2012-03-19 18.19.49_smallSaying goodbye. We had such a blast! I hope we get to go back someday soon.
2012-03-18 18.56.23_small

¬†When Benjamin found out that I was getting married, he told Jeff, “I don’t want Laura to get married, because then she’ll never visit us again.” I definitely had to prove him wrong. I have visited the Jeff Krebs family every single Spring Break that I’ve had in Arizona, and I couldn’t stop just because Tom joined the ranks. I love you, Benny! Tom just made the visit better!

March 2012 – Baby and Highland

2012-03-25 10.47.04_small

Four months along! He’s growing exactly as he should. That’s right…we’re having a BOY!!

2012-03-25 16.35.00_small

I love my little man so much already.

2012-03-27 09.36.50_small

18 week ultrasound

2012-03-27 09.19.08_smallTom’s view.
2012-03-27 09.57.13_small

He’s so tiny and perfect! Look at those cute little feet.


My view…sort of.

2012-03-27 11.07.09_small

He wasn’t shy about showing us his man-parts! I am so happy to be having a boy first. I know he’ll be perfect.

IMG_1501_smallThe baby wanted cookie dough. Yum.

2012-03-27 19.24.03_small

Our incredible Special Ed secretary finally got recognized for the hard work that she has always put in for us. Congratulations, Kelly.


It was fun to be there with the whole team (new and old) and the school district VIP’s to shower Kelly with the praise she deserves.

IMG_0576_smallSome of my students were in the school play. Garrett was Rumplestiltskin and he did such a great job!

Darling little Sadie.


Sweet Karli.


Funny Garrett. He is a crazy kid.

March 2012 – Weekend Fun


Tom is in the Young Mens right now – Deacons quorum adviser. We went to one of their merit badge ceremonies. Reminds me of going to a million of these for my brothers.


He also went to one of their Saturday merit badge fairs/activities. Boys will be boys.


Beauty of the desert.


Building fires.


Teamwork walk.




 Meet the snake.


¬†The snake that was lost in Tom’s car and NEVER found. I hated going in the car for weeks. Ew.


The youth had a flour war.


 Tom had a great time running around with his flour sock.


Cute Grandpa Bay on his phone. We love going to their house for Sunday dinner. They are the best company!


And Grandma is a fabulous cook.


¬†Thanks Brandon, for fixing our AC….again.


We went with the Tondevolds to the Mesa Arts Center Fair. This thing was called “Mirazozo” and it was awesome.


These next colorful shots are all on the inside.

IMG_1373_small IMG_1371_small IMG_1369_small IMG_1366 2_small


 We went to DQ afterwards. Yummy. Mint Oreo Blizzards are to die for.


 They also had this cool Lego area at the MAC.


We went to Kelle Mendell’s (Foster) wedding reception! They had a great photo booth.


Hooray for getting married!


Music practice with Tammy and Greg. We performed at a fireside for their stake.


Tom is a sexy man and fixed his breaks.


Way to go, honey. I’m glad I married you.


Not sure of the reason Tom took this picture, but I do love my neighborhood.


 And I sure love my house.